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Flyer is a form of paper advertisement that is intended to be distributed or posted in public places. Flyers can also be sent via postal service. In this day and age, so-called flyers can take many forms from cheap photocopied paper to expensive, glossy, and full-color paper. Flyers are also known as pamphlets, posters, lit, weekly ad, catalog, leaflet, handbill, or circular. Meanwhile, event flyer is a flyer that is distributed specifically to advertise an event.

Event Flyers psd

Like postcards and small posters, flyers come in various formats such as A4, A5, DL, and A6. Flyers are often used as a marketing choice because the printing costs are cheap and can reach a wide range of people.

Event Flyers templates psd

Flyer is an advertising medium that is quite old. Prior to the United States War of Independence, several colonial states were angry with the 1765 Stamp Act. They gathered in an anti-stamp act association. They try to win mass support by distributing handbills, leaflets, pamphlets, written paraphernalia, and the like.

Event Flyers templates for photoshop

In the 18th century, flyers could be made using a basic printing press. Then, in the 2010s, black and white flyers could be produced only with a personal computer and printer. Nowadays, you can also create your own flyers design. If you are not a designer, all you have to do is download the event flyer templates available on the internet, edit them, and print them.

Although flyers, brochures, posters, and leaflets are both outdoor written advertising media, there are some differences between them:

Flyers are usually printed on A4 size paper with eye catching designs that match the recipient’s short attention span.

Leaflets are usually printed in A6 size and have a fancier design than flyers. Leaflets are also usually placed in strategic places such as restaurants, shops, etc.

Event Flyers psd templates

Brochures are also known as pamphlets and have higher printing costs than flyers. Brochures are usually produced by a company that contain specific information about them. Brochures are made with the intention of keeping the recipient, unlike flyers that are easily disposable.

Posters are a large outdoor advertising medium. Usually, posters are posted in strategic places where many people see them. The text is so small that the viewer does not need to read too much information but the design should be appaling.

Event Flyers example psd design

You can easily make your own Event Flyers by using our event flyer templates that we have provided for free here, such as:

  • Free Anniversary Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Business Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Festival Flyer Templates
  • Free Vintage Newspaper Flyer Templates
  • Free Multipurpose Flyer Templates
  • Free Simple Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Printable Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Festival Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Event Flyer Vector Art Templates
  • Free Garage Sale Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Party Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Workshopt Flyer Templates
  • Free Precious Care Spa Flyer Templates
  • Free Fall Fest Flyers Templates
  • Free Wedding Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Engagement Event Flyer Templates
  • Free Dance Event Flyer Templates
  • And so on!

Event Flyers customizable psd design templates

Event Flyer Templates Design Ideas

Event Flyers in photoshop

Event Flyers in photoshop

Event Flyers in psd design

Event Flyer Templates Ideas

Event Flyers psd templates

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