Events Planner Resume Sample Template

Events Planner job description is responsible to handle the events in most of the aspects including the concept of the events, the programming, the logistics and more.

Events Planner Resume Sample Template

Liz Johnson

3116 Broodway Street, Sooner State, OK, 73008, Phone: +1 (405) 702-8897



                                                Oklahoma City, OK

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Able to create excellent events planner resume sample
  • Able to create relation and manage to hold connections with big vendors
  • Have connections to big vendors that will be needed for the events such as those who works in technology and others
  • Can contact and have great communications with partners to handle logistics, do delivering and more
  • Able to lead the projects managements and do creative input in the process
  • Do planning for the events and contact to vendors or partners to work the events
  • Handling the meeting and the conventions with prospective clients
  • Responsible for the guest registry and the arrangement of some features in the events such as visual and audio equipment
  • Work in a coordinate ways to take care of the rooms, transportation, and services
  • Able to exceed client’s expectation by giving excellent service



Tulsa, OK

11/2012 – 01/2017

  • Secured the events to works well with the time-line and schedules that have been prepared
  • Build the events business, managing the brands, and control the budgets
  • Do marketing through different platforms including websites, blogs, social medias and business cards
  • Able to develop the business network to build stable connections
  • Build reliable connection to clients, vendors, and suppliers
  • Can manage various important projects that need significant features such as photographers, florist, caterers, and entertainers
  • Work with details and professionalism
  • Can lead the team events and coordinate the map of events
  • Responsible for doing the timelines, itineraries and checklist
  • Can coordinate, lead, and manage with guest speakers, vendors, crew of the productions, and events team



Bartlesville, OK

09/2008 – 05/2012

  • Meeting with clients and get the projects from various scale of ranges.
  • Finding the locations that is suitable with the events
  • Execute the concepts and manage all of the features needed in the event
  • Manage to create long relationship with vendors
  • Establish and negotiate the contracts that happen between company and clients
  • Control the budgets for the events
  • Manage the events, creating the design, planning the events and giving innovative ideas
  • Quickly to think about what is good for events
  • Can work under pressure and stay professionalism
  • Can direct, produce, and manage the events well
  • Doings many volunteers and establish the experience of handing events



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Visual Communication



  • Being passionate about works
  • Can work with team and under pressure
  • Able to work and find solutions quickly
  • Reliable and work hard
  • Can do multi-tasking with various of works
  • Active in many organizations and joins various scale of media social to build strong communication
  • Been working on various type of works including nonprofits schedules such as volunteers
  • Being responsible on the work and taking care of the events fully
  • Able to lead the team and manage the events
  • Has strong connections to various range of people


Events Planner Resume Sample Template 1

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