Events Planner Resume Sample Template

Events Planner job description is a type of job where you organize any aspects of an events, including organizing the time, the place, and the event’s schedules. The person is responsible to create concept that is suitable for the events.

Dean Morgan Coldton

3891 Burning Road, Birmingham, AL, 36016, Phone: +1 (205) 729-5567



                                                Mendota Heights, MN

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Able to present capable event planner resume sample decisively to clients
  • Can manage the budgets, the costs, and other fees that is needed to hold a successful events
  • Can explain clearly about the plan of the events including delivering the estimated of budgets and time
  • Can organize the time of the events to monthly or weekly
  • Capable to negotiate with clients and discuss with them
  • Responsible to handle the aspects of events such as logistics, special events, road fee, conference and more
  • Presents the budget proposals and the satisfying contracts
  • Responsible to manage all of the operations that will be needed in the events
  • Can analyze, achieving, and collaborate with team to create objective views before holding events
  • Able to develop the social networking in any surfaces including social media, radio, any other physical prints
  • Able to maintain the managers of the events to work better



Houston, TX

09/2013 – 01/2017

  • Capable to deliver and establish the goal of the events that they clients want
  • Able to deliver the aim or the purpose of the events and highlight it with excellent skills
  • Responsible to handle the events with organized arrangement including choosing the date, selecting the locations, venue and more
  • Capable to create the theme that is suitable for the events

Has great intellectual skill to do wide research

  • Able to create sponsor that helps the events
  • Can work with teams in a harmonious condition
  • Can successfully hold various events
  • Being responsible as the supervised production on the holding events
  • Can develop the relationship with the partners, clients, or vendors with great quality.
  • Can execute the events with professionalism including holding additional schedule such as meeting or conferences
  • Has been working with various events with any circumstance staring from working events, weddings, to party celebration.



Dallas, TX

02/2007 – 11/2013

  • Work to hold events and leads the team
  • Responsible to hold events and create events planning with great composition
  • Capable to design the events that is suitable with clients
  • Able to compose and control the production including the cost within the time limit
  • Can create peace environment in team
  • Able to work with clients and recognize what they needs
  • has been successfully hold events with great qualification of customer’s satisfaction
  • can organize and identify the events that the clients want to hold
  • Able to cover all of important aspects in holding events such as decoration, entertaining, and catering
  • Responsible to arrange the party aspects such as transportation, special guest list, invitee list, and more



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Public Relations,



  • Has great organizing skills including holding events in a perfect way
  • Has wide networking with unlimited connections
  • Has positive energy, optimism, and positivity with professionalism
  • Can adapt to new environment in a short of time
  • Having great social interaction and able to build long relation with partners
  • Has quick understanding about the events
  • Able to deliver unlimited creativity to the projects
  • Has great dedication to do the work diligently and passionately
  • Able to serve great service to clients
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