2+ Sample Executive Employee Agreement Template

How to write executive employee agreement

An employee has a lot of responsibility and duty. It makes some of role is needed to make all of the duties are finished well. There is executive employee that has big duty in a division or department. When someone works as executive employee, they need to take executive employee agreement.

Some ways to create executive employee agreement

To make executive employee agreement you need to know about the step and the tips. You can follow the tips bellow to make the best agreement for the executive employee.

When you hire someone to be executive employee, you should tell him about duties and responsibility of the jib. Agreement means promise or even as the contract that will make each of you get clear agreement. Here are some steps to make agreement with the simple and easy way.

The first step you can do to make agreement is making the title of the document. Make the title on the top of the page and make it clear. Make sure that the title is simple but clear so the reader will easy to know. The standard title that usually used by many people is “ “Executive Employee Agreement”. You can write it in straight and also to the point.

The next steps, you should put Identities of the Parties or who are involved. This step, you need to prepare for two pages. The first page is for the name of organization that is hiring the employee and the second page is for the identity of the employee.

The next, after you write both parties identities, you should continue to write the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Employee. You should write it clearly and your executive employee will easy to understand content of executive employee agreement.

Detail explanation about responsibilities and duties is very important because if there is something wrong in writing this part, it can make bad thing in the future.

There are many example of this agreement that will help you to make good agreement. Before you print the agreement, you should read it again to make sure that there is no mistake in make agreement.

The next step in writing this agreement, you should make document which is non disclosure and non compete agreement. In this part you should give information to your executive employee to be working with your competition.

You should say that your employee don’t let other people take a part in this business that they are not involved. With non-compete agreement, you r employee cannot work to the other company because there is the clear promise on the agreement.


Templates of Executive Employee Agreement Sample Templates Senior Executive Employee Agreement Sample

The last step in executive employee agreement, you should put the space for the executive employee sign the agreement. After read the agreement, you should let your employee to give his/her signature. When your employee has signed the document it means that he/she is ready for the duties and responsibility. If you still confuse about how to write the good agreement, there are many example that you can choose. It will help you to make good agreement.

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