Facilities Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Facilities Electrical Engineer job description is a position of the job that requires the person to do constant checking of the equipment and the facilities to operate properly through the HVAC system. The person also needs to check the pumps, the electrical distributions and other essential stuff of the system. The person needs to understand about engineering and capable to do planning and development designs as well as doing maintenance.

Facilities Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Jane Ruby Adams

4360 Living Wood Avenue, Ithaca, NY, 14850, Phone: +1 (212) 388-67645



                                                Ithaca, NY

                                                06/2017 – present

  • Capable to handle the system operations issues and support it with comprehensive root as seen in the Facilities Electrical Engineer resume sample
  • Can use, identify, and improve the system process control methods
  • Can identify and evaluate the risk analysis of the system
  • Can create and develop the improvement of the system
  • Create effective contractor managements and capable to create planning for projects
  • Can create, arrange, control and manage the materials, costs, and the timeline of the projects
  • Ensuring the high quality standards of the projects and assist it to run well
  • Take the job to create Standard Operating Procedures preparations and the Risk Assessment of the works
  • Can do maintenance of the Design Evaluation Engineering, Electrical System, Generators and UPS
  • Can review and support the analysis of the system tracking


Rutland, VT

06/2012 – 04/2017

  • Can perform and provide essential aspects in the projects
  • Perform engineering aspects in the projects such as Energy Audits, Energy Usage Calculations, and Circuit Analysis
  • Perform protection for Voltage Sag for the projects
  • Give validation and analysis of the efficiency and the optimizations of the engineering plants including the handling the cost saving and the energy reduction
  • Can operate the equipment and run the programs
  • Can adjust the voltage level relays
  • Capable to prepare the specification of the engineering such as bid invitation, bid evaluations, and conformed bid for the purchase
  • Capable to working with both internal and external designs as well as running the constructions resources
  • Capable to create strategy construction drive and arrange the schedule of the trade leaders in the projects
  • Can evaluate fully and completely with maintenance and prevention activities



Burlington, VT

08/2008 – 05/2012

  • Capable to create documents projects, complete and improve the projects with improvement in the safety, quality, and the cost
  • Capable to develop the scope for project management
  • Can assist the schedule and coordinate with the team to do the electrical engineering work
  • Can provide the complex facilities that may require in the assigned projects and managements
  • Being responsible to run the task and provide the project managements along with tool install projects and assigned projects
  • Capable to work and to develop the design, the construction, and the commissioning of the projects
  • Capable to do operations budgets and facilities CapEx
  • Can develop the work scope and capable to evaluate the subcontractor of the technical aspects in the projects



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering



  • Has great communication skills including verbal and written
  • Proficient about more than one language including English, Spanish, and French.
  • Work with professionalism and capable to give excellent service
  • Work with passionate and capable to do the tasks under pressure
  • Has creative and innovative ideas that helps the development and the progress of the projects
  • Capable to give and provide cost efficient solutions for various problems related to engineering skills
  • Can demonstrate the ability to work functionally and globally that required high level skills
  • Capable to organize the tasks, to create plans for projects and to work effectively
  • Has strong computer skills to compile data and databases
  • Proficient to operate and work using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and many more
  • Capable to work with team and individual by giving the same professionalism and satisfaction result
  • Understand a lot about AutoCAD, DAPPER, and CAPTOR
  • Has professional licensed about electrical engineering
  • Understand about NFPA codes and the specifications about engineering
  • Has great communication skills and written skills



Facilities Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

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