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Sometimes, a school project requires you to create a family tree template. Actually, it is a fun project. Unfortunately, many students do not understand how to make it. There are at least 3 ways how to create it using Ms. Excel. We will discuss it all further below.

How to Create a Family Tree with a Template

You can make a family tree from using a template. First of all, you should make a new document. What you need to do is to select File, and then choose New. After that, search Family Tree. It requires internet connection because it isn’t pre-installed.’

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Then, just try the basic one. Now, you can click on the cells & type the name of family members completely. If you want to create the more complex one, you can make larger family tree. You can create new cells to type more names of family members.

How to Create a Family Tree with SmartArt

If you have Ms. Excel 2007 or later versions, you can use SmartArt to make a family tree. You can find this feature on Illustrations group. After that, you should make a hierarchy by selecting its icon. You can choose your desired style available.

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Now, you can start filling out your family tree. You can drag it around and enlarge it. Just click on the blank line to type the name of family members. Optionally, you can use Text Pane which appears when selecting the diagram. Any change will affect the diagram instantly.

How to Create a Family Tree Template with a Basic Spreadsheet

Another option to create a family tree is by using a basic spreadsheet. Firstly, you need to create a new spreadsheet. After that, click Insert and then choose Shape. You can select oval, triangle or any other shape you want.

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Then, click & drag it in the spreadsheet. To make the shape perfect, just hold down the Shift button as you drag. Now, you can type your names by clicking the lowest shape. You can adjust the style, color and font size before you continue to the next step.

To create more shapes, you should select the shape & copy it. After that, paste it repeatedly as many as you need. Next, click & drag the shapes to the layout of family tree. Typically, put one shape at the bottom, 2 in a row above it, 2 more above each of them, and so on.

To type the name of every relative, click on each shape. The next step is to insert lines. Here, you should return to the menu of Insert Shapes & select zig zag line. After that, click & drag in the spreadsheet. Before that, copy-paste to make new lines & drag them all into position.

Your family tree template is now complete. If there is additional information, you can include it. For example, it relates to birthday or any other note. You can write the additional information below each name of the family member.


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