Printable Film Budget Template

Film Budget Template for Excel and Word

Film budget template helps the film business company to arrange the budget set data for filming production. Collecting the information and arranging the data is important. It includes all of the expenses data that will be used during the production.

example film budget template

Thus, it needs to be written well and carefully. The staff that is responsible to set this needs to have ability to manage this.  The function of this is to record all of the expenses that are required for filming. It will include all of the data from different areas that are involved there.

How to Make Film Budget Template

To make this form, you need to think about certain things. A simple form sample like this may help you to start what to write and think. A design form for a short budget contain with several tables. Each of the tables informs about different stuff.

Similar to write a formal letter, a budget sample is started with a title. You need to mention about what the form is about. Then, write a title in the section table. You need to tell about the title form and the length of the film.

free film budget template

Still on the same page, the formats of the filming need to be described well. You need to mention about the shoot, the post, and the distribute format. On the next table, you will write about the personnel.

In this section, you will put the names of the people that includes in the team. You need to write the director’s name, the producer’s name, the producer manager, the director of photo, the art director, and the sound and editor. Next to all of the names, it is important to put the phone number as well.

Move on to the next table section, you will write a budget summary. It includes the preproduction total cost, the production total, the postproduction total, and the contingency. Then, the grand total budget needs to be mentioned.

A project timetable cannot be left on the form. You need to mention about the beginning and the complete of the preproduction, production, and postproduction. A project description needs to be explained under the same form. Usually, it is explained in the last part of the budget template form.

Why a Film Budget Template Is Important To Make

The reason why this budget is important to make is to manage the expenses and the cost of the filming production, and handle it to be balanced. It helps the cost not to be exceeded. What is also important when the form is made is to create it with full of details.

The description of each act, the screenplay purchase, the copying, the producers, the co-producers, the assistant, and all things needs to be written clearly along with the amount of the units. Those are only a small amount of the preproduction that you put in the form.

There is still a postproduction with a lot more details such as the production staff, the extra talent, art director, set construction, set striking, set operations, set dressing and more. By following this, it is clearly that creating film budget template needs to be written carefully and full of details.

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