Financial Aid Appeal due to The Maximum Time Frame Letter and The Sample

Maintaining a good grade and promising progress throughout your year of college is not necessarily easy, especially if you are in assistance of monetary support. It will be your obligation to fulfill the required playbook so that you will lose your monetary assistance. For instance, to keep the support, you will have to graduate under the fixed time given by the authority of the federal government. If you accidentally pass through the maximum time frame, you have to write the financial aid appeal due to the maximum time frame letter.

142.Financial Aid Appeal due to Maximum Time Frame

What is the Financial Aid Appeal due to Maximum Time Frame?

Financial aid appeal due to the maximum time frame is the conduct of appeal by the time the monetary support has passed its maximum time frame. All students can appeal against this unsettling event by providing factual and reasonable reasons for their appeal. The reasons could be financial problems, hospital bills, and so on.

What is The Essence of the 150% Rule?

This rule refers to the condition of a student that needs to fulfill the 150% credits to maintain their monetary support and graduate. If they have reached the credits, their support will be terminated despite them not graduating yet. If it comes to that, they will have to resort to financial aid appeal to keep their rights.

Tips on Writing a Compelling Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

For you to submit the financial aid appeal letter, you need to learn the tips in writing one. Knowing the tips will significantly help you write the letter. Try paying attention at the tips below to get a better understanding.

  • Be specific with your reason
  • Be thorough and short
  • Do not get too emotional
  • Be professional and respectful

The Sample of Financial Aid Appeal Letter

After learning how to write the letter, your comprehension will improve as you observe a sample for the letter beforehand. Below is the sample that will be supportive of your need.

Dear Mr. Grimes

I am writing this letter to you as a formal appeal to my financial aid being terminated as of January, 21th 2020. It truly shocked my heart that I will not be getting the monetary support for the rest of my semester. I have been a remarkable student with prestigious achievement as a model student over the past few years. For that tremendous struggle, I believe I still deserve financial aid from the government. Furthermore, lately, my father’s health is getting worse. his cancer has stepped up to stadium 4 which will cost a lot more money to help him. I cannot weigh the burden of my college fee on my parents. Due to those circumstances, I strongly suggest you to reconsider my eligibility for the support.

I am truly sorry if this sudden letter may not be appropriate. It is within my goodwill to uphold my right for the financial aid to my good use. Concerning my graduation, I will try my hardest to graduate soon to answer your expectation. If there is any clarification you need, you can reach out to me at 103948858.

Thank you for your consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Carl Dixon

Learning the sample above should get you started in writing the appeal letter.

As you are amid in completing your graduation, you will need a financial aid appeal letter should you are on brink of losing your monetary support.

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