Financial Aid Appeal Letter and Its Sample

Not all students can pay for their tuition fees, so the school provides financial aid for those who need help for education access. But if you get financial aid from the school, of course, there are some requirements that you should follow, including to keep your grade well. There is also a situation when you are not able to keep your grade that is required by the school financial aid, for instance, because of health issues, family problems, and so on. If your grade does not meet the requirement, unfortunately, your financial aid will be stopped, that is why you should write the financial aid appeal letter to get back your school financial aid.

Artikel 129. Financial Aid Appeal Letter and Its Sample

What is The Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

A financial aid appeal letter is a formal written document that is sent to the school financial aid officer regarding your financial aid that was stopped by the school finance committee. Getting financial aid is a blessed thing that someone can get to pay for their education, but there is also some requirement that you should follow. If your grade is lower than the requirement, unfortunately, the school financial institution will stop your financial aid.

What Should be Included in The Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

To write a proper and neatly organized financial appeal letter, you can include some things that we mention here below:

  • Write your intention in writing a letter which is to appeal your financial aid to the school financial institution
  • Explain your reason regarding your grade that caused the financial aid to stop
  • Provide your contact information so the school financial aid officer will give a response as soon as possible regarding your financial aid appeal letter
  • Do not forget to thank the school institution for its consideration
  • Close the letter concisely and politely

The Sample of Financial Aid Appeal Letter

If you are now in the situation that losing your financial aid due to your grade that is lower from the other semester and does not meet the requirement, so you can take a look at this example which probably can be used as a reference.

This is the sample.

Dear Mrs. Joanna,

I am writing this letter intended to appeal the loss of my financial aid due to a bad grade and concisely explain my situation that caused it. My grades for the past three years never disappoint you, but this semester is unusual for me, you can take a look at my GPA record each semester. I had a digestion issue which time to time is getting worse, then my doctor diagnosed me with chronic GERD. I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t hold it anymore until I collapsed on February 12 during my creative writing class and was carried by ambulance to the university hospital.

After being diagnosed with chronic GERD, my doctor told me to remain stayed at the hospital and took bed rest for a full recovery for two weeks. But after two weeks, my body was still on recovery and still so weak to do the activity, so that I took a bed rest at my home for five days. After feeling quite better, I came back to the college, but there are some exams that I missed, therefore my grade was going down drastically from 3.4 to 3.0 since then, which I know does not meet the requirement that is given by the financial aid institution which is 3.1.

My health is getting better now, and I can assure you that I will fix and raise my grade in the next semester if I am given a chance. I have attached all copies of the documents that are required. If you have to ask further questions or give me a response regarding this letter, please mail me at I respectfully request to reconsider this matter. Thank you.




George Smith


That is all about the financial aid appeal letter that hopefully, can help you in composing the letter. You should write the letter concisely and straight to the point, and explain your situation in detail.





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