What is a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Students who receive financial assistance to continue to college may have their assistance terminated if they fail to meet the required average grade. Depending on the reason for the failure in grades, this financial aid deferral appeal letter may be the first step towards getting back aid from the college or university.

Artikel 43. Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Tips to write a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

  • Get started by calling the financial aid office.
  • Include specific examples.
  • Gather all documentation.
  • Be respectful and honest, and keep it brief.
  • Send letters of request for financial assistance in the right way.

Format and Content of the Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

The first step in setting up the format for a financial assistance suspension of the appeal letter is to seek advice from a counselor to the financial aid office. You must also follow college-specific guidelines to be able to appeal a suspension of financial aid. You will likely also need to be able to get a special form for appealing through the financial aid office to complete and attach to the letter. A reference letter from a faculty member who joined you in your application for financial recovery aid will be of great help. Also, include your student identification number on the letter and state your case briefly on the body of the letter.

How to Make a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter and Examples

Dear Dr. Mike and Dear Committee Members,

My name is Michael Parker and I am writing to request a refund of my financial aid which has been revoked due to my poor grades this past semester. I will take full responsibility for the drastic drop in my level of academic achievement in recent months, but I believe I have plans to get back on track. I begged the committee to be given a second chance.

I lost my father, James Rowan, on July 15, 2020, in a car accident in Los Angeles. I was part of the family at the time who was driving when one of my father’s car brakes failed and he hit the divider to death. My whole family and I were unexpected and messy and I was unable to calm down and attend class, study, and eat. Despite pressure from sympathetic professors for counseling, taking time off or other help, I simply chose to spend the whole day sleeping and try to forget the tragic incident.

Luckily my mother and family started to recover and realized that I was in trouble to help me out of depression. I have plans to be able to attend counseling sessions during the summer and focus on getting myself back on track at school this fall. XYZ Scholl is the only school that has my major and I can’t leave it. I urge you to be able to return my financial aid, and I promise I can get help if I start having things like depression again. I have attached his notes from my advisor and a letter from my psychology professor, Dr. Carlos Stevan.

Thank you for your consideration to understand this matter.


Michael Parker





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