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Forced Field Analysis Templates Guidelines

Forced field analysis is a major development in social science and psychology. This analysis offers a framework to look at the forces or factors that influence a situation. In business, it is also needed. Therefore, you will need to be able to write the right format of forced field analysis templates.

How to Write a Forced Field Analysis Template

There are 2 main points in doing a forced field analysis. The first is about understanding behavior. In fact, this analysis helps you understand the key factors that affect the employee behavior. For example, it is when someone does not do the tasks rightly. It can be caused by different factors.

The second is about changing the behavior of employee. If what you want to see the behavior change, you have to release driving & restraining forces. In this case, behavior must be changed & the forces should be taken back. Therefore, the desired behavior will continue.

There are some important tips that you need to follow. First of all, you have to decide what type of change you want. It must be specific. It relates to the business area you want to implement the change. Here, you should write down the goal or vision of your desired future state.

Then, you have to begin brainstorming the driving forces and list down all of them. You have to record them. You can use a force field diagram or other format you want. Anyway, make sure that you describe the forces as clear as possible.

Writing a forced field analysis essay also requires you to restrain the forces. These are what you analyze to against / opposing change. After the driving forces are clear, now you should record these on the force field diagram opposite part as clear as possible.

The next step is to assess both restraining and driving forces. You can do it by scoring the force from the weakest to the strongest one on 1-5 scale. After that, calculate the total or you may leave it out & forget the figures completely & set your focus on the impact of the forces.

What you need to do next is to review the forces you identified. In this step, you will need to choose which forces are flexible for the changes you want or which forces can be influenced. This review is very vital so that you must do it carefully.

Next, you should make a strategy to strengthen or improve the driving forces. You can also consider weakening the restraining forces. But you can do both if you want. If you scored every force, you have to plan to raise the ratings for driving forces / decrease the scores of the restraining forces.

Templates for force field analysis handout 2 Sample Templates for force field analysis handout Sample Templates for Fore Field Analysis Sample

The last step in writing forced field analysis templates is to set priority for the action plan. Here, you have to plan what to do to make your decision better & achieve the best impact from your analysis result. Hopefully this will be a useful guide.

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