Front Desk Supervisor resume sample

Front Desk Supervisor job description has responsibility to manage the front desk job. This includes managing the staff that works in the hotel, making sure to give best service to guests and serve as the face of the hotel. It means you have to be good at giving services and taking care of the customers. Leave a good impression for customers and be good at doing tasks including making reservation, doing conformation and more.

Front Desk Supervisor resume sample

Courtney Juan Mitchell

841 North Over Road, Toronto, CA, 23400, Phone: +1 (416) 555-0218



                                                Toronto, CA

                                                05/2017 – present

  • Can assist the management job as seen in the Front Desk Supervisor resume sample
  • Capable to create, provide, and manage the training in the group as well as give motivations
  • Capable to give best coaching for employee and serving great roles for staff
  • Can organize and create the training programs for employee
  • Capable to hire new staff and list the characteristics
  • Can resolve the problems and handle the troubles that may appear within the group or personal
  • Can evaluate the performance of the employee
  • Take the job as reviewing the procedures and the operational problems
  • Capable to determine the ways of improving the service, the performance, and the safety
  • Has capability to develop the working relationship and to maintain it along with the guest as customers and staff as the employee


Philadelphia, PA

06/2011 – 03/2017

  • Provide the best hotel clerks with professional training and support
  • Can communicate very well with the staff and the related managers such as assistant manager, front office manager, and others
  • Can follow-up the schedules, the projects and anything related to hotels to up to date
  • Capable to run the request and handle the issues that may appear
  • Capable to work in certain time and improve the performance
  • Capable to handle and run the tasks and be the Manager on-Duty including handling the General Manager and assistant General Manager
  • Give support and provide good business relations with discounts and returns
  • Build a good work environment that give great teamwork, recognition, mutual respects, and satisfaction



Harrisburg, PA

07/2008 – 04/2011

  • Take the responsibility to runs various tasks in the hotel especially those that related to front desks job
  • Can handle the reservation tasks including making reservations, doing confirmations and verifying the reservations and more
  • Being responsible to handle the payments and collects the customer’s payment
  • Being responsible to handle the room keys and give the orders of the keys to the customers and hand it to staff
  • Capable to control the access of the guests to the safe deposit boxes
  • Always work quickly and fast responds to customers especially about stuff that related to customers
  • Can communicate and contacts to housekeeping and do maintenance to customers’ reports
  • Capable to handle the problems that may appear



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Human Resource Management



  • Have great excellent communication for both verbal and written skills
  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Capable to do multitasks and work with professionalism
  • Understand and can operate computer, social media, and multi-media platform for works
  • Have great managements skills
  • Capable to face and solve problems
  • Have great organization skills and capable to work with team
  • Have great experiences on facing customers and know how to provide best services for them
  • Can adapt t work place very soon and have interactions with new people
  • Can lead the team and run the tasks very well
  • Capable to work with time and priority management
  • Have great quality and ability to build up great relationship between company to customers


Front Desk Supervisor resume sample

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