Game Artist Resume Sample

Game artist resume sample is the best way for people that love to work in the gaming industry. Working in this place is exciting enough because you can create a compelling and play a crucial role in this job. In other words, to be a game artist will take a lot of skills. It is important for you to show the abilities on the resume because it will interest the reader when they read the resume. Besides, you also can list any previous jobs in the gaming industry because it can set your resume getting better to convince the readers.

To be a game artist, you should have knowledge of HTML and also experience to work with the game designers. It will be valuable trait to put in the resume because most of the job will require the certain skills and abilities. Besides, the education for this job will be better if you are a college degree in computer science and also any further educational certificates related to the game designs. If you want to make the best one in this resume, you can take look at the resume sample below.

Game Artist Resume Sample


Ronald Randall

3567 Morris Street San Antonio, TX Phone (123) 403 1897


Experience                                         Senior Game Artist, Dallas, TX

02/ 2015 – present

  • Make the assets including characters, background art, Text and graphic art, UI, and many more at the highest standard of quality
  • Arts Project supervision
  • Create a publicity web pages and also graphic art resources
  • Work together with wide variety of investors, peers across design, invention, and also engineering and across location
  • Great acquaintance of flash animations such as character of the animations, object animations and animated VFX
  • Convey out the design of the characters, sections, interface, and also other elements of the game
  • Make many avatar-based animations for rebellious and interactive chat games
  • Managed more than 10 member off-site art group

2D Game Artist New York, NY

09/ 2012 – 12/ 2014

  • Visual effect educations, storyboards, and animatic
  • Make a perception and clean vector assets
  • Work with Art Director, Art and Animation group and Designers to facilitate in creating content for the games
  • Authorized to leverage analytics, user testing and customers response that offer the manager and apply them intelligently into the design work
  • Highly organized, agile and open to course-correction and can communicate well proactively with teammates based in the United States

Game Artist Phoenix, AZ

08/ 2008 – 05/ 2012

  • Strong acquaintance of game production tools such as Photoshop and Flash
  • Understanding the roping when it comes to the exceptional digital illustration and concept art
  • Great acquaintance of color palette ad latest trends of art and design
  • A desire for playing World class mobile, social and casual games a huge plus

Education                                            University of California

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Science


  • You have imagination and visualization skills that you apply quickly in illustration to express your idea
  • Great understanding in game production
  • Strong knowledge for UI/ UX principles across PC and Mobile
  • Great passion for playing mobile world class mobile


Game Artist Resume Sample

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