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Gantt Chart Template and how to make it easy to understand for the readers

Do you want to have a great time frame? The Gantt chart template can be your best solution. This idea is the top chart that will show the time frame and the left side of the chart list in the project activities without any difficulties. With this chart, you will get many advantages to manage your time in the business.

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The best one that can be found in this char is that each activity listed on the left-hand side of the chart. It also has a colored bar next to it. Moreover, the position and the length of the chart bar will depend on the activities’ timeline and also duration. If you want to know how to make it, you can follow the tips below.


How to make Gantt chart template impressive to read and applied?

To make it interesting and easy to read, it is important for you to identify the project goals and also specifics. In this idea, you should understand what is your purpose of your Gantt chart? Understanding the purpose will help you to make the chart getting easy to understand and read the time management.

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After that, you also should define the project timeline in your chart. You can decide how to divide the increment of time for the duration of the project. This idea will keep you from inadvertently scheduling work or deadline on weekends or holidays so that you will not be confused to manage your time.


How to write Gantt chart template using Microsoft Words easily?

You can make the chart using Microsoft words by building a basic stacked bar graphic. You can open the new document in Word and set the orientation of the page landscape to get more space in the chart. Next, you can go to Insert tab and select chart from the illustration section and you can select bar category and choose stacked bar.

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To change the type, both color and style scheme of the chart, you can choose design in the tab highlight in the image above or clicking on the small brush symbol on the right side of the graphic. To begin your working on the chart, you also can outline the main phases or tasks of the project. It will be faster to make the chart.


How to create Gantt chart template in Excel simply?

Creating the template of Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel is also not difficult. You can begin with creating a date range in Excel that will list, tasks, start date, and also the end date. After that, you can select the data range that is need in the chart. Next, you can go to the top navigation bar and select Chart Wizard Button on the Ribbon menu.

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Furthermore, you can select next in the next section of the popup windows and select the series tab at the top. You can add the series information for each set of data that will wish you to include your chart and you can continue to add each series until all data are plotted on your chart.

The last step in gantt chart template is navigate the category in Axis label section at the bottom popup window and select the range of data. Click finish at the bottom of the popup window and click OK when you have finished creating the chart.



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