10+ Sample Gift Tag Template

Gift Tag Template and Things to Know About It

Do you ever hear about the gift tag? Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the gift tag template. Actually, a gift tag is a small piece of paper that is cut from the handmade drawing or stencil. This matter could be copied on the card stock, recycled paper, plastic and others.

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Of course, as its name, this thing –with the kind of different materials, will be attached to a gift. The gift tag usually has a short word or phrase and it has space to write the name of the recipient and the name of the giver.

The short words in the gift tag sometimes tell about the wise word. Well, by the detail of gift tag, we may see that this small piece of paper will make the gift looks more interesting and special.


Kinds of The Gift Tag to Use

Something that you need to know about the gift tag is the kinds of it. Yes, there are many kinds of the gift tag that can be used based on your need. Finding the exact gift tag, of course will be an interesting matter, so you will be able to make a special greeting to the recipient.

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The kinds of the gift tag that you need to know and you may use are:

  • Picture ID tags
  • Banner tags for the special occasions
  • Earring and clothing tags
  • Recipe tags
  • Food and drink tags
  • Save the date tags
  • Calling card tags
  • Party invitation tags
  • Business tags
  • Luggage tags
  • Thank you gift tags
  • Thanks for coming tags
  • Name plate tags
  • Table place and setting holder tags
  • Graduation day tags
  • Graduation day tags
  • Wedding sparkler tags and other wedding related tags
  • Shower gift favor tags, such as wedding shower or baby shower

The points as above show the kinds of the gift tags that you may use. Based on that points, we may also know that the gift tag has different uses.


How to Make Gift Tag Using Microsoft Word?

Well, since the detail of gift tag template is important, knowing the ways to make it is also important. Here, we will show you the way to make the good gift tag using the Microsoft Word. Some ways to do in this matter are:

  • Start with the blank document
  • Click on the option of insert tab and go to select – shapes
  • After it, choose the shape of the gift tag that you want to use, such as rectangular, circle and other
  • Draw your shape to the size that you want. You may look for the common size of gift tag
  • Go to format tab in order to get more defined outline
  • Choose and set the detail of outline based on something you want
  • Go to the background option. You may change the basic background of gift tag
  • To add the text to your tag shape, go to insert tab and choose the text box
  • Select the draw text box at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Draw the text box
  • Change the font, size and the detail of the word in order to find the nice effect of it
  • After it, before you save the project of gift tag, click group in order to make a grouping.
  • Save the project

Gift Tag Template 09

Well, that is all about the gift tag that you need to know. You may do some researches to find the right gift tag template.



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