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Google Slides Templates

Before Google Slides, PowerPoint was the most popular presentation creation program. The computer program was released in 1987. Previously, presentations were made by hand and presented using an overhead projector (OHP). Steps to make a presentation like this must use a lot of resources and is very time-consuming. Even now, PowerPoint is still widely used. However, many computer programs have emerged that provide more freedom to create their presentations. One of the popular applications for presentation presenters is Google Slides.

Google Slide example psd design

Google Slides is a presentation application provided by Google company that allows you to create and format presentations online. This online application also allows you to edit presentations together with other users through the collaboration feature.


The importance of using the right Google Slides Template

One of the reasons why Google Slides is an alternative program to replace PowerPoint as a presentation maker is because it’s free. Completely free. Another reason is that Google Slides is very user-friendly, also has a reliable platform for collaboration projects.

Google Slides has so much more ready-made presentation templates than PowerPoint. This will certainly help you make a presentation that is more interesting to the audience.

On the other hand, this freedom can be a double-edged sword. With so many templates available, you can get confused having to choose which Google Slides templates works best and best suits your needs.


What SHOULD be in a Google Slide Template

Unlike business card templates, letterhead or greeting cards, Google Slides templates consist of a design package for presentations. As such, a Google Slides template must contain introductory slides (title slides), slide content, ending slides, and a thank-you slide designs.

Google Slide psd templates

Our collection consists of various Google Slides templates which we have curated in such a way as to match what you are looking for. You only need to choose one of the template packages that we have provided. Try to think again about the presentation topic that you will present to the audience. Note the following main features to help you choose your best Google Slide presentation template:


Key features of the best Google Slides templates

1. Professionalism matters

It is undeniable that professionalism matters when making and presenting presentations. For this reason, make a presentation from a template that is able to show your professionalism. According to LinkedIn, there are 10 characteristics of professionalism, namely Appearance, Demeanour, Reliability, Competence, Ethics, Maintaining Your Poise, Phone Etiquette, Written Correspondence, Organizational Skills, and Accountability.

As you can see, an effort to make a good presentation falls into the Written Correspondence category. When dealing with clients, the tone that must be highlighted is formal, polite, without being stuffy. You can maintain this tone with the help of an appropriate Google Slides template.

2. Stands out

The design of the Google Slide template that you use must be able to “stand out” or strengthen your presentation. Therefore, look for a design that focuses on the message you want to convey in a minimalist style. You do not want a template that is too “crowded” because it can distract the audience from the message or idea you want to bring up. We want you to just focus your time on creating your presentation contents and let the template complements your ideas.

3. Clean typeface and big fonts

Look for templates that use sans serif fonts. Serif fonts can be bleed together and make your presentation hard to read. You can still use fancy type faces for slides titles but avoid using it for body text. Use dark background and bold text to increase readability. Keep in mind that you’re going to put up your presentation on a projector. So, remember to size fonts appropriately so that your colleague at the back of the room can read your text clearly.

Google Slide templates psd

What SHOULD NOT be on a Google Slides template

1. Overused templates

This is the reason why you don’t use the stock templates. The stock templates are overused, ugly, and boring. Even when you’re browsing custom templates on the internet, avoid using templates that have been downloaded too many times. Instead, look for newer templates that are most likely to embodied the current trends.

2. Too much lines in a slide

Do not use more than 6 lines of text in a slide. That is too much for your audience to handle. It can also easily and completely undermine its purpose.

3. Bullet points are outdated

In the past, we were accustomed to bullet points for presentation slides. However, it is apparent that no one will remember those bullet points. It is more comfortable to put only an idea per slide then you can explain that idea afterwards.

4. Too colorful

Keep things simple by not making your slides too colorful. Avoid using more than 5 colors in a slide. If you want to use several colors, use the appropriate palette. You can use free color palette tool or generator like COLOURLovers, Coolors, Colormind, or Paletton.

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