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Graduation Announcement Templates


Graduation is one of the many milestones in a person’s life. For this reason, graduation needs to be celebrated. Your hard work in graduating school or earning a bachelor’s degree should be known by your closest relatives and friends. This achievement needs to be celebrated with them. Not only to loved ones with whom you communicate frequently, you also need to inform your acquaintances about this achievement, even those who have not been in contact with you for a long time.

graduation announcement in psd design

What SHOULD be in a graduation announcement template

1. Choose a consistent invitation writing style

Take some time to think about the writing style that you will use to write the graduation announcement, whether formal or informal. Keep the tone conversational, be brief in delivering the information, and use appropriate pictures for illustration to convey your messages better.

2. Follow the applicable etiquette

If you are confused about what to include in a graduation announcement, just remember that the announcement tag applies here. Just add a message or personal touch such as a thank you to everyone who has helped you reach this milestone in this historic life, what achievements you have achieved during your study, and graduation quotes that can reflect how excited you are right now.

graduation announcement psd

3. Information regarding graduation

No matter what kind of graduation celebration you are, the content of the graduation celebration is usually similar. Make sure your graduation announcement contains the following information: full name, school / university name, type of degree, academic year, award (e.g. cum laude, graduation with the highest score, etc.), graduation date, location of the graduation party / graduation announcement, and other details such as dress code, gifts, information about the party venue, etc.)


What SHOULD NOT be in a graduation announcement template

1. Thesis titles and other matters that are too academic or not directly related to graduation celebrations

You can also opt out of including the title of your thesis or research, even if you are very proud of it. This kind of information is more suitable for inclusion in a curriculum vitae and a list of academic achievements.

graduation announcement psd templates

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of a graduation announcement, now is the time for you to design it. We provide hundreds of free templates that you can download, modify, and print freely.

  • Free Graduating with Honors Template
  • Free Printable Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Class Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free High School Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free College Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Master’s Degree Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Nursing Degree Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Funny Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Doctorate Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free No Graduation Party Announcement Template
  • Free Graduation Announcement Party Invitation Template
  • Free Vintage Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Modern Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Elegant Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Athetic Collage Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free “Graduate Memories” Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Super Cute Graduation Announcement Template
  • Free Multi-Photo Graduation Announcement Template
  • and many more!

graduation announcement templates psd

Graduation Announcement Design Ideas

graduation announcement templates for photoshop

graduation announcement psd templates

Graduation Announcement Ideas

graduation announcement customizable psd design templates

graduation announcement example psd design

Graduation Announcement Example

graduation announcement in photoshop

graduation announcement in photoshop

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