10+ Graduation Card Template

Graduation Card Templates

What is a graduation card?

Graduation card is a greeting card given to people who have passed the education they are currently undergoing. Typically, graduation cards are given to high school or college students. This is the best way to show how proud you are as a parent, significant other, best friend, or acquaintance knowing that the person you gave the card to has successfully completed his or her studies. If you are attending a graduation party or ceremony, or if you are invited but don’t have time to attend, you should give a graduation card as a sign that you are celebrating their success.

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What to write in a graduation card

The graduation card should contain your sincere wishes in celebrating the success of your child, partner, friend, or acquaintance in completing the study he is taking. Graduates will appreciate the special messages you write over the templates messages like most people do. If you are not sure what you want to write on your graduation card, try following some of these suggested ideas:

  1. Congratulate graduates for their hard work completing the course of study
  2. Give advice or inspiration from your life experiences
  3. Insert the appropriate jokes if you want your graduation card to be funny
  4. However, adjust it with your sense of humor so that there are no misunderstandings (so as not to be sarcastic or mocking)
  5. Make your graduation message personal
  6. You can make the messages more personal by sharing your favorite moments with graduates, especially if you are in the same class as them
  7. Express your wishes for the graduate’s future
  8. Don’t forget to remind them to focus on the future

Graduation card messages

In giving a message of congratulations on graduation, start by looking at the options for giving a general graduation message. A congratulatory graduation message is the “safest” option when making a graduation card. Even so, it can be less personal because usually the message is too general. This can be your choice when you give this graduation card to someone who is not personally close to you, only acquaintances or friends of friends, for example.

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You can use this phrases as starting point to write your graduation card messages:

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
  • I’m very proud of you, Dear [Name], so honoured to celebrate your graduation day with you!
  • Congratulations, [Name]! [Future school/college] is lucky to have you!
  • Congratulations, [Name]! You are going to be a wonderful [Future Job]!
  • You made it, [Name]. Be proud of your accomplishment!

Graduation card sayings

Proverbs or quotes are often used as a choice of congratulations on someone’s graduation.

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Graduation card templates

We have provided free graduation card templates to help you in making graduation card for your son, daughter, best friend, or significant other. These free graduation card templates can be downloaded, modified, and printed easily to your computer. They look best when printed on cardstock but you can also print them on papers or send them via internet.

  • Free Printable Graduation Card Templates
  • Free Printable Graduation Card with Positive Quotes Templates
  • Free Smartie Pants Graduation Card Templates
  • Free DIY Printable Graduation Card Templates
  • Free Graduation Money Card Templates
  • And many more!

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Graduation Card Templates Design Ideas

graduation card templates for photoshop graduation card psd templates

Graduation Card Templates Ideas

graduation card customizable psd design templates graduation card example psd design

Graduation Card Templates Example

graduation card in photoshop graduation card in photoshop

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