10+ Graduation Invitation templates

Graduation Invitation Templates


Graduation invitation is an invitation given to prospective guests containing an invitation to attend someone’s graduation party. This graduation invitation is usually given no later than two weeks before the party is celebrated. There is a difference between a graduation invitation and a graduation announcement that you should know. The difference lies in the content or how to convey the graduation news itself.

Graduation Invitation psd templates

A graduation announcement tells your friends and family that you or your child has graduated from school. You can send a graduation announcement just before you / your child graduated or after because the purpose is only to inform the recipient of the status of you / your child who has graduated. For this reason, the contents of the graduation announcement are more or less the name of the person who graduated, the major and school of the graduate including the address, the date of graduation, and the title, if any.

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Meanwhile, a graduation invitation must be given before the graduation party is held because you intend to invite the recipient of the invitation to your party. So, the contents of the invitation are more or less the name of the person who held the party (who passed), the date of the party, and the location of the party. Then, if you’re having a post-graduation event, you might consider including an RSVP in the graduation party invitation you send.


The following is the information you must write in your graduation invitation:

full name, name of school / university, title and award if any, year of graduation, place and date of the graduation party, date of RSVP and instructions, information not to give gifts if necessary.

What SHOULD be in a graduation invitation template

Choose graduation invitation templates that accommodate the following:

1. Use conversational words

Don’t let your invitation seem stiff by using unfamiliar words. Imagine inviting people to a party. Use language that is straightforward, friendly, and not stiff. In fact, if necessary, use language that is a little slang without sounding too overbearing. this is especially true for the high school graduation invitation.

Graduation Invitation psd

2. Don’t beat around the bush

Be brief in delivering invitations. Use the quick introductory sentence, share the most important detail first, keep it simple, close it with a friendly farewell.

3. Use pictures to illustrate the message you want to convey

Choose senior images or collage invitations in your graduation invitation. Or, you can use a grad cap style design.

Graduation Invitation templates psd

4. List important accomplishments if any

Graduating from university is something to be grateful for because not everyone has received higher education. So, write down your achievements whether it’s extracurricular, athletic, academic, etc. just mention it briefly in your invitation.

5. Be ceremonial

Use appropriate words to inform your graduation party such as formal titles, avoiding contractions, and spell out common abbreviations, and all numbers.


What SHOULD NOT be in a graduation invitation template

Don’t choose graduation invitation templates that show the following:

1. Pay no attention to language selection

Don’t use graduation invitation templates that don’t accommodate people who have English as their second language.

Graduation Invitation customizable psd design templates

2. Not paying attention to the audience in mind

A graduation invitation should pay attention to the following matters; family situation, relationship, personalization, and of course language.

Graduation Invitation psd templates

Graduation Invitation Ideas

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Graduation Invitation Example

Graduation Invitation in photoshop

Graduation Invitation in psd design

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