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A handyman invoice template is needed to record the fees that will be charged to clients. This particular template is more convenient than a blank invoice template because handyman work requires a lot of tools and materials in addition to service.

Some other elements that are in the handyman invoice template are as follows:

  • List of services provided by the handyman, for example repairs, painting, and installation.
  • Number of hours spent on a handyman job.
  • Payment details; include the total costs to be paid, the payment deadline, and the payment method.
  • Employee names, including artisan and sales representatives. Names responsible for or contributing to the work must be written down so that they are easy to contact if there are complaints etc.
  • Date of work to clarify when the work is done.

The handyman invoice template that we make includes specific details such as:

  • Empty space to add job details, such as work dates and hours.
  • Empty space to add details of materials and services, so you can find out who contributed to completing the work.
  • Contact information so clients can contact the person in charge of the job if necessary.
  • Columns for entering invoice numbers so that each invoice and job can be easily referenced.

To be able to use the handyman invoice template to its full potential, follow these tips:

  • Be sure to enter information as detailed as possible.
  • Make sure there is space for each item.
  • Don’t forget to calculate other costs. Each transaction must include additional costs when calculating totals, so that the total bill is correct.
  • Recheck invoices made to avoid typos and other carelessness.
  • Never forget to enter vital information such as invoice numbers and contacts.

All templates are provided in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template is particularly designed to meet the needs of the sample handyman invoice template. If you want to download the template, simply click the download button on each template. Download handyman invoice template here.


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