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Impact Analysis and What to Understand Inside It

An impact analysis is an important document for the business. As its name, the analysis of impact will be able to analyze the overall activities of business, which could inform their failure or success. With this kind of document, of course the running of business could be known well.

Templates for Blank Business Impact Analysis 1 Sample

In other hand, an analysis of impact also tells about something specific inside a business. This document tells about the vulnerabilities of business, underline the important activities of business and others.

Here, we will talk about the detail of impact analysis that will help you in running a business. For those who are curious with this document, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Phases of the Impact Analysis Process

Since an analysis of impact is important for business, knowing more about this kind of document is quite essential. It is good when you know the phases of process in making this document in order to provide better result in making it.

Talking about the ways to make an analysis of impact, there are some phases that you may follow, such as:

  • Initiation of BIA

For the first, to make a good analysis of impact, you need to learn about the initiation of BIA. Here, you need to get the agreement from the senior management about the project. There are some matters to do in order to get the agreement from senior manager, such as:

  • Define the goals, objective and scope of BIA
  • Make the form of the BIA project team
  • Acquisition of information

After the first phase, thing to do to make a good analysis of impact is acquisition the information. Here, getting the information will inspire you to make better analysis of impact as you want.

To get the information, there are some ways that you could apply, such as using questionnaire and others. Something that you need to know, the information will be the basic of analysis, so it could be completed well.

  • Analysis the information

When the information has been collected, the next matter to do in making good impact analysis is analyzing the information. The elements of questionnaire, such as name of process, users, timing, financial and operational impact and others should be analyzed.

The analyzing time here is the most essential process of making an analysis of impact. It means that when the process of analysis is good, the result of analysis of impact will be good too.

  • Documentation of findings

The next phase of making analysis of impact is documentation of findings. Here, the fourth phase of analysis of impact has some elements parts to know such as:

  • Executive summary
  • Objective and scope of BIA
  • Methodologies that are used in analyzing
  • Summary of findings
  • Detailed findings on the departments, units and other areas
  • Presentation of BIA to management

When the analysis of impact has been completed, the next matter is presenting. Here, you need to present the final result of analysis of impact to the management as the way of responsibility.

Templates for Blank Business Impact Analysis Sample Templates for Business Impact Analysis Worksheet Sample

Well, that is all about the impact analysis that you need to know. It is good for you to do some researches to find the sample of it.

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