Independent Contractor Termination

As your company grows exponentially bigger, there comes a time when you will need a specific skill in working on a huge special project outlined by your company. the contractor can vary from a dependent and independent contractor. The pick which one is better is up to your liking, however, you will want the best out of them. In the middle of the project, you can also terminate the relationship between you and the independent contractor if there is no more relationship that can be spared. Such a thing is called independent contractor termination.

55.Independent Contractor Termination

What is an Independent Contractor Termination?

An independent contractor termination is a termination to end the relationship between the employer and the independent contractor. Usually, there is a provision that should be strictly followed by the terminating party to terminate the contractor’s agreement. If there is no agreement in place, it is best to have a meeting between the two to discuss the best solution as to how both parties should end nonetheless.

Can You Terminate a Contractor?

It really is best to put an end to the relationship between the employer and the contractor if there are no mutual benefits that can be gained by working together. However, it will be wrongful termination if there is no basis as to how you terminate the contractor. As for independent contractors, there should be a provision the employer must adhere to before deciding to terminate them. Make sure to check on that first before filing an independent contractor termination.

How Do I Write an Independent Contractor Termination?

Under several bases, it is clear that you will have to point out the reason for your termination to a contractor. Follow the below steps to properly write a termination letter.

  • Include the name of the contractor and due date
  • Point out key factors of their ineligibility for continuation
  • Be professional and no hard feelings

The Sample of an Independent Contractor Termination Letter

it is not wrong to have a look at someone’s work and apply it to your own version. Try to take a peek at the below sample to you started on the termination letter.

Dear Mr. Harley,

After discussing your progression since the day, we agreed to work together until now, we and the board executive have come to terms in ending your contract with us on several important grounds. This agreement will come into effect by October, 10th 2020.

Within some projects, we see that, recently, you have slipped in delivering proper and exceptional results. Those progression needs to be further checked out by our own team division to make sure it is the best quality which is the opposite of what our company expects from you. Not to mention those failed projects, your inquiry in increasing your fee is also out of questions and illogical.

Despite that, there is no denying that your work has been tremendous for the interest of our company. it is the common sense of our company to end this relationship with no negotiation to continue the contract.

If there is ever anything you need to ask, feel free to contact me at 19309484 for further information regarding this termination. All of your payment and whatnot will be paid properly and accordingly before the due date of the termination.

Thank you for your consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Jack Smile


Points explained above should be delinquent in pre-writing your termination letter.

An independent contractor terminator should be well equipped in ending your relationship with the contractor. Furthermore, by using this letter, there will be no harm between the two.




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