Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

Inpatient pharmacy technician resume sample will offer support to the hospital pharmacist and they also will assist to prepare and distribute the medication for the patients. Therefore, you should have experience and education relating to the job to help you in doing the job. The duties of this job are actually not too complicated. The duties of the job are including measuring the medication qualities, receiving the medication orders, keeping the working area clean and organized. You will have plus point if you have related skills in this job. It is important for you to showcase the pharmacology knowledge, attention to the details. Organizational skills, accuracy, computer skills, and also able to follow verbal and written instruction are the skills that should you write in your resume. You will be easier if you are following the sample below.

John Mitchell

8976 Asa Cape, Chicago, IL Phone: +1 (555) 899 4634


Experience                                         Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Inpatient Operation, Chicago

07/ 2015 – present

  • Works in combination with automated provision technology to provide the correct medicine for individual patients based on the pharmacist and doctor order
  • Help with coaching of new technician workers and students job specific functions
  • Helping with coaching and educating the new technician workers in many tasks and in job-specific functions
  • Offers the decision or triage service answer to phone and digital messaging investigation
  • Does receiving, storage, and data entry of medicines and materials established from suppliers
  • Controls pharmacy automation systems in agreement with subdivision SOPs such as medication cabinets and Talyst Carousel drug storage system
  • Preserve appropriate inventory levels of provide as well as perform monthly inspections
  • Helps on the improvement of existing actions and in the coaching of pharmacy students in all pieces of the daily operation of the pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Inpatient Pharmacy, Detroit

09/ 2010 – 01/ 2015

  • Preserve the correct storage and security of controlled and non-controlled prescription
  • Reconstitutes and gives out medication based on the set down orders
  • Manage and fill the medicine order such as oral, topical, and many more under management of licensed pharmacist
  • Documents pharmaceutical actions in mechanized and paper system
  • Monitor the patient prescription orders for accurateness, resolves inquiry in the consultation in licensed pharmacist
  • Statement and teamwork communicates with other caregivers and also the patients in the efficient and positive manner
  • Show emotional control and cleverness in managing work relationships
  • Be present at and actively participates in the team huddles and meeting
  • Helped with pharmacy caregiver and learner training and share the tasks for accomplishment of a group’s tasks and aims

Education                                            Arizona State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Independent Judgment


  • Ability to operate the computer
  • Does sterile parental procedures by using proper aseptic methods
  • Able to interpret and enter physician orders
  • Pharmacy technician registered
  • Able to do manipulative and record maintenance the function involved in and related to supply the prescription, packaging and also labeling of medication
  • Interdisciplinary care and Pharmacy Specific policies and procedures


Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

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