10+ Instagram Story templates

Instagram Story Templates

What is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a feature released by the Instagram photo sharing social network that allows users to post photos and videos that disappear by themselves after 24 hours. This feature was first introduced in August 2016. Currently, more than 500 million Instagram users (called Instagrammers) use the Stories feature on a daily basis. Because of its large reach, Instagram Stories can be used to increase reach or engagement. Experiments on Instagram Stories are one way for a brand to expand its current marketing reach.

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How to view Instagram Story?

Stories on Instagram can be seen at the top of the feed on your Instagram account. All Instagram accounts can share stories, be it the accounts of your friends or accounts of world celebrities. When you can view Stories, there will be a colored ring around the Instagram account profile photo.

You can see someone’s Instagram Story by tapping their profile photo. Their stories will be displayed in full-screen. The contents are the content they posted up to 24 hours ago. The content will be displayed chronologically from oldest to newest content.

After you finish viewing someone’s Stories, you can tap to go back or swipe the screen to view other accounts’ Instagram Stories. You cannot publicly like or comment on Instagram Stories; not like regular posts. Even so, you can provide feedback about the Stories that appear by sending direct messages in private.

How to make Instagram Story?

You can create and post Instagram Stories by tapping the camera icon on the top right of your screen. You can also access the dedicated Instagram Story camera by swiping right. You can immediately take a picture or video. Then, you can apply filters and add text or images to your content.

An interesting feature that you can use is Instagram Story Stickers. Tap the Stickers button to add a sticker on Instagram. You can also select Location to add a location sticker near you.

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Meanwhile, you can use the sticker hashtag option if you want to write a hashtag on your Instagram Story. You can explore other people’s Stories via their locations or hashtags.

Not only that, you can also add a poll sticker. These stickers allow you to ask your followers questions. They can answer by voting between the options you have made.

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To celebrate the event, you can add a countdown sticker. Determine the countdown expiration time easily after selecting the “Countdown” option from the sticker tray.

Other sticker options include Time, Temperaturer, GIF, @Mention, QUestions, Chat, Music, Quiz, and Emoji Slider

What is the Instagram Story Highlights feature?

Instagram Story Highlights is a feature that allows you to save stories for more than 24 hours. This feature was introduced in 2017. Stories Highlights can be accessed under your profile bio. You can also access your Instagram Stories archive so you can post your favorite Stories at a later date.

instagram story psd templates

Free Instagram Story Templates

Instagram Story is a business strategy, especially social media marketing. However, setting up an Instagram Story every day or every event can be a painstaking job. To make it easier for you, you can use the Free Instagram Story Template. So, all you have to do is enter the information. No need to design a design from scratch every time you post Stories.

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Previously, here are some tips for optimal reach and engagement from your Instagram Stories:

  1. Schedule Stories for the next few days according to the marketing project
  2. Post between one and seven Instagram Stories per day
  3. Post Stories at optimal hours
  4. Build a relationship between you and the audience (for example by holding a Q&A)
  5. Post consistently
  6. Use Instagram Stories to increase reach, engagement, and conversions
  7. Make sure you upload the ideal size of Instagram Story which is 1080px x 1920px with an aspect ratio of 9:16
  8. Use a consistent style and theme, then choose a free Instagram Story template that really suits your content

instagram story psd templates

Instagram Story Templates  Design Ideas

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Instagram Story Templates Ideas

instagram story in photoshop

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