International Business Development resume sample

International Business Development job description works on the commerce business that related to market, creating new platform market, create and introduce new products and provide great business service to individuals, organizations and clients. This works involves the trade, client’s investments for both local and foreign, taking care the migration, capital flows and development technology.

International Business Development resume sample

Benjamin Franklin

3221 Miami Heat Road, Crawford, CO, 80011, Phone: +1 (720) 856-7738



                                                Wellington, CO

                                                03/2017 – present

  • Understand a lot of three main parts in building business that is seen in the international business development resume sample. Those are customers, markets, and the relationship
  • Capable to gather and add more new customers on the company’s business field
  • Capable to find new prospective and high value customers for business living
  • Have excellent ability to figure out the markets and the field that the company needs to take part
  • Take a part to build the relationship between company, clients, and vendors or stakeholders
  • Take the responsibility to develop the strategy, the preparation business plan, and the implementation of the plan
  • Support the plan’s working and do monitoring the plan management
  • Can identify the strategy department plan and monitor it to walk based on the right and legal regulations


Green Valley, AZ

03/2011 – 07/2016

  • Be responsible to execute the plans and manage to work with higher internal stake holders
  • Capable to handle the company’s product management
  • Take a part to lead the team and handle the legal marketing business
  • Take the position to knit the relations between company and the international vendors
  • Have been experienced in content acquisitions, developments, and consultant market for years
  • Develop the partnership and build more profits for company
  • Acan create implement negotiations strategy with vendors and clients
  • Manage to deliver the strategy ideas
  • Capable to develop and to evaluate the partnership
  • Can identify, manage, and negotiate the business strategy between company and stakeholders
  • Understand about BRICS and Emerging markets that helps the company to expand the business
  • Understand about Next Eleven and the International Marketing for business



Stanford, CA

02/2007 – 02/2011

  • Taking part on team and give significant and proactive contribution to the company’s projects
  • Develop the new channel marketing for company
  • Involve in developing the marketing segments to different area like applying the Travel Retail and Licensing
  • Making sure that the plans and the schedules are related and lined together
  • Can do full research and establish the important information to projects
  • Capable to make decision and solutions towards problems or issues that appear during running projects
  • Can look for and provide experts on the certain field such as on the strategy developments
  • Give support customers’ relationship with company’s projects management with management tools
  • Successfully make innovative plan management for customers
  • Capable to create and develop the marketing plan for international business



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of International Business MBA



  • Understand and capable to present high communication skills with skillful language ability
  • Understand proficiency language including English, Mandarin, France, Russian, and Japanese
  • Have both great ability in writing and verbal skills
  • Understand about country’s industry regulations and administrations
  • Understand about business rules and regulations that related to sales
  • Have proficiency skills of operating Microsoft Office including Microsoft Look, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel and other application such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and project management software
  • Can build teamwork and adapt to the team quickly
  • Experience to provide research and analysis about project and business projects
  • Capable to do negotiation and solve the problem with excellent performance
  • Can work with professionalism and focus
  • Have excellent skills of operating networking system
  • Have ability to do analytical analysis and research



International Business Development resume sample


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