What is an Internship Letter of Recommendation

Giving a positive impression is one of the most important things during the interview process. Apprenticeship recommendation letters are part of important meetings filled with direct examples such as achievements. This letter carries more weight than a traditional cover letter because it comes from a third party. It provides potential employers with a glimpse into the applicant’s skills and personality traits and potential matches between the applicant and the hiring organization.

Artikel 194. Internship Letter of Recommendation

Format and Content of the Internship Letter of Recommendation

The format of the internship recommendation letter must be clear to describe the relationship between the person writing the letter and also the person recommended in the letter. It should highlight demonstrated skills and recommended personal abilities based on direct knowledge acquired through the apprentice or supervisor relationship. Include specific examples of work-related accomplishments and academic accomplishments and awards. For some companies, people skills and personality traits are an equally important part.

How to Make and Sample of an Internship Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Jordan,

It is my pleasure to recommend Barra Wollo for a marketing position in your company. Barra started working for me seven years ago as a junior high school student. Since then, I have seen him grow into a capable, passionate, and confident professional. Barra approaches each day as a new opportunity for success. He inspires others with his friendly attitude and positive attitude. Barra’s academic accomplishments were indeed outstanding, but it was his professional intelligence that set him apart from the rest. I hired Barra as a marketing intern based on a brilliant recommendation from his teacher. Initially, I assigned him easy tasks, such as answering the phone and running errands at the company. I immediately realized that this was a waste of his skills and abilities.

Barra thrives on challenges and developments when given assignments that take advantage of his analytical and creative talents. It becomes highly motivated and driven by a need to be successful. He completed his assignment quickly and efficiently with enthusiasm and a smile on his face.

Barra’s proactive attitude has served my company well. For example, he’s using a slow workday as an opportunity to reset my filing system, complete with color-coding. Since then, I have implemented a high-efficiency system throughout the organization. On another occasion, he tried to develop a new customer satisfaction program. I am very pleased to say the Barra initiative has resulted in the highest customer satisfaction scores in our company’s 50-year history. She has superior written and verbal communication skills and is actively involved in client presentations.

I truly believe Barra will be an invaluable asset for companies fortunate enough to employ him. Although I wanted to keep him on the staff, Barra was willing to use his degree in marketing communications to the benefit of nonprofits. It’s my honor to answer any questions you have about Barra. My mobile number is (111) -111-1111 or you can contact me via my email.

Best regards,

Jeremy Bons

CEO, Highville Employment Agency


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