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Free Printable Investigation Report Template Samples

Incidents occur all the time. However, it is not always clear about the details. That is why you need an investigation. In this case, an investigation report can be the best tool to know the details of an accident. If you are wondering what exactly this is, let’s see the following investigation report template.

Sample accident investigation report template 1

Audit Investigation Report

An audit investigation report is a tool that is used in accounting for financial reporting or others. It is very useful to investigate suspicious activities in the workplace. This report can be used to uncover negligence, fraud, or other illegal activities in a company.

HR investigation Report

Sometimes, you also need to create an HR investigation report. It aims to help you make the jobs easier. With this kind of investigation report, you can smoothly handle any incident requiring investigation with no hassle. We also have a relevant template that can be edited easily.

Investigation Report Template Samples

This article provides a collection of investigation report samples. You can find free templates of an audit investigation report, a workplace investigation report, an HR investigation report, an incident investigation report, a presentence investigation report, an employer incident report, and others.

Sample bullying investigation report template

Other free templates include an internal investigation report, an accident investigation report, an environment investigation report, a confidential disciplinary investigation report, a fire investigation report, a grievance investigation report, a site investigation report, an investigation status, report, etc.

Investigation Report Layout

Different types of investigation reports come with different information. However, they have a similar format. So, you have to know the proper investigation report layout. Generally, it starts with info about the case. After that, it provides the referral source that contains info from the complainant.

Sample Confidential Investigation Report template form

Then, an investigation report should also contain details of the allegation, info about the subject, purposes of investigation, interview reports and recommendations. Whether you write it on your own or you use our template, make sure that all of the elements above are provided clearly and completely.

Free Downloadable Investigation Report Template

All of the investigation report samples provided in this article are free to download. Just scroll down, find and pick your preferred template that is based on the type of investigation report you need. You can download and save the template in your desired format and edit it to fit your purpose.

In fact, our templates are also customizable. You can easily edit the text, add a logo, and even add or remove images easily using an editing tool. Before you print it out, you still need to review & proofread it once again to make sure that there is no grammar mistake, spelling error, and any other mistake.   Sample credit investigation report Sample criminal investigation report template Sample employee investigation report Sample fire investigation report Sample grievance investigation report template 1 Sample incident investigation report template 1 Sample internal investigation report template 1 Sample Investigation Report Form Sample presentence investigation report template

Once it is ready to submit, you can print the document. Make sure that you have a copy because you may need it in the future. Anyway, creating this kind of report will be much easier with our investigation report template. Hopefully, this can be a good and useful reference for you all.

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