Investment Banking Resume Sample

Investment banking resume sample will be useful to help you writing the document. Resume is the first, important and should be made document for those who want to get a new job, including the investment banking. Well, it is reasonable because the recruiter uses this document as requirement.

Through the resume, you are able to deliver information who you are. Then, the resume also could be the media to show your skills, experiences and achievement. With those matters, of course you could promote yourself as the best and potential candidate to be recruited.

In this occasion, we will show you to example of it for the consideration before writing it.

Sample of Investment Banking Resume

Alejandro Tavares

6715 Morsette Summit, Oklahoma, US. Phone: +1 (555) 761 8627


Executive Assistant, Investment Banking

Chicago, IL

06/2014 – present

  • Creating and maintaining the files of the correspondences of the manager, records and others
  • Responsible for the diary management, the arrangement of travel and the schedule of meeting
  • Providing the administrative support to the associates and officers
  • Providing support for the office that has relation with the admin
  • Preparing the travel and the entertainment expense report
  • Providing the report of the deal expense breakdown
  • Covering the telephone, lunch and assisting the staffs
  • Assisting with the special projects, including as the planner of conference and coordinator

Investment Banking Controller

New York, NY

07/2007 – 05/2014

  • Creating the invoices to bill expenses
  • Balancing the management of sheet
  • Preparing the daily or weekly or monthly or quarterly reports of financial to the unit of business and the management of FCG
  • Managing the deal pipeline and the updates of its details
  • Booking the revenue and accounting the management
  • Coordinating the settlement and sharing the revenue between the MS and the MUMSS
  • Assisting in testing, development and the maintenance of the tools of IT

Investment Banking

Detroit, MI

08/2002 – 07/2007

  • Continuing developing and improving the process and the practice of the content management
  • Assisting the development and continuing the cultivation of the relationship with clients
  • Assisting the management in instilling the sense of the urgency and the organization of the client focus across
  • Contributing to the analysis tools in order to improve the efficiency of the junior bankers
  • Assessing the effectiveness and establishing the operation risk inside the management control
  • Managing the administrative assistant and market
  • Managing the project coordination function inside the department
  • Working strongly by using the Excel in order to develop the models of financial


State University of San Diego

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance


  • Strong in computational, technical and quantitative skills
  • Ability to work as the part of a team inside the environment that require excellence, energy and time
  • Excellent analytical ability including the knowledge of valuation technique and practices
  • Strong in technical and quantitative abilities
  • Driving, enthusiasm, creativity and has excellent interpersonal skills, especially in dealing with the team from the different office
  • Excellent understanding about the statements of financial, analysis of credit and the principles of accounting
  • Excellent communication both in verbal and written
  • high ability to pay attention to the detail and have good ability in multi-task under the deadline

Investment Banking Resume Sample

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