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Designing Invoice Form

An Invoice form is a digital or physical paper which essentially provides all of the detailed information. Consumer or clients should make about the goods or services performed by the vendor and the total amount of payment. This paper is essential as the business evidence for every transaction, for good or service outflow and cash inflow. Besides that, the invoice also closely relate to taxation payment. The total income recorded from the invoice form will be accumulated to get the tax calculation. Invoice also crucial for the small business finance safety, which can avoid them from any fraudulent. It shows a certain amount of goods or services provided and how many amounts paid. Then, invoice also helps the business to develop marketing strategies by some information contained in it, such as phone number, company address, and popular products.

Templates Billing Invoice Form Example

However, many people still can’t distinguish for both invoice form and invoice template. Even though these papers are closely related, but it is different. An invoice template is a ready-made form which enables the user to fill the blank. The invoice format is every element that should include in the invoice. You have to develop by yourself how to make the template.

How to Develop Invoice Format Into Template

In general, invoice form consists of your name and contact detail, your customer name, the “invoice” label and number, the description of goods or services, the total amount of payment, and Value Added Tax (VAT) if available. So, here are some steps to develop the invoice template:

1. Open the app

You have to open the Harvest app. Then, go to the invoice and click overview. Select ‘New Invoice’ and pick your client. Select an invoice for a tracked tie, fixed fees, or tracked time. Then, choose projects.

2. Fill out the new invoice page

Finished step one, now select the project you want to invoice. If you are invoicing them by time and material project, decide which hour you want to include and set how you want to display it. Then, click view draft invoice.

3. Draft Invoice

The draft invoice, you can add specific detail such as due date, taxes, and so on. Then, click save the invoice. Now, your invoice is ready to deliver to your client. You can directly send it or keep it as a draft and send it later.

4. Set time rounding

Remember that your invoice can be automatically rounding its time entries, so please do some action. Click invoice, then select configure and default values. Change the option for time rounding. Remember that this setting only can be accessed by the administrator.

That’s all some simple and clear steps about how to make an invoice template from invoice form. Remember that this way is only for Harvest application. You can try using Excel, Words, and anything. Don’t forget to use a professional font. Thanks for reading and, happy working.


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