5+ Sample Invoice Receipt Template

How to Make a Professional Invoice Receipt Template

Invoice is always needed in every business. It is sometimes called as a bill. Anyway, invoice is a document used in a business to request payment for a service or product provided. Here, we will guide you in writing an invoice receipt template that looks professional.

Sample Business Invoice Receipt Doc Templates


How to Write an Invoice Receipt Template

There are some details that must be included in the invoice receipt form. The first is the business’s name. It aims to establish your brands. Here, you also need to include the logo of your company to make it more professional.

Sample Car Sale Invoice Receipt Templates

Secondly, what you have to include is the contact information of the seller. It lets the clients know how they can contact your company. Seller contact information at least includes your company’s address and phone number. However, you can also add website, email, etc.

The next element to be included is invoice number. Invoice number makes your invoice stay organized and look more professional. So, you have to make an invoice number for each invoice you give to your clients.

Then, you also have to provide payment terms. There are some types of payment terms used by businesses. It depends on the industry of the business. So, you have to include the payment terms clearly on the invoice receipt you make.

A professional invoice receipt template also must include the due date. It lets the clients understand when they have to pay the invoice wholly. It also becomes a reminder for the clients in paying the products or services provided. So, you cannot miss out this element on your invoice receipt.

Next, what to include in the invoice receipt is bill to contact information. It must be stated clearly who the invoice receipt is intended for. Besides that, it is also important to include their contact information completely including the name, address, phone, or even website and email.

The main elements are the details of the services or products provided. Here, you have to specify the description, quantity, rate, amount, and also subtotal. It is better if your invoice receipt is more detailed so that your clients can understand well.

Usually, there is a sales tax in every business. If you also require sales tax, you must include it on the invoice receipt. The percentage of tax can be different from one business or company to another. Anyway, state it as clear as possible to avoid misunderstanding from the clients.

Sometimes, you also give a discount or promo to your clients. If you offer it, you have to include the discount on the invoice, too. You can include it in form of the actual amount or the percentage. It depends on you or your company or your business.

Last, you should dedicate notes on the invoice receipt. This section can be used to include payment instructions, discount details, warranty information, or anything else related to the business or transaction. So, are you ready to make your own invoice receipt template?


Sample Invoice Receipt Word Templates Sample Rent Invoice Receipt MS Word Templates

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