IT Architect Resume Sample

IT architect resume sample will be the well example for those who want to make a good document. As we know, the resume is an important document and it becomes the first requirement by the employer in order to recruit the new employee using the selection process.

By the resume, you are able to show your personality identification. Then, you are also able to show your skills, achievements and experiences. Those matters could lead you to be the potential candidate to join with the company and stay in the IT architect position, just you want.

In this occasion, we will show you the sample of this kind of resume. By the sample, creating a resume of course will be easier to do.

Sample of IT Architect Resume

Jeremy Vista

172 Jennifer Islands, Dallas, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 632 7759


Senior IT Architect

Boston, MA

11/2013 – present

  • Developing tool and utilities in order to assist the integration and adoption application of Java developed, J2EE components, frameworks and libraries
  • Developing the framework continuously and actively based on the standards
  • Providing the stewardship for the communities of the practice around the management of business process and the business architecture
  • Defining and documenting the implementation patterns for developing the Java, J2EE component, framework and libraries
  • Facilitating change and process of improvement within software development and the organization of business
  • Performing the in-depth technical evaluation of Java, J2EE component, framework and libraries offerings
  • Educating and training the developers of software, especially on Java, J2EE component, framework and libraries

Enterprise IT Architect

Phoenix, AZ

05/2010 – 06/2013

  • Promoting awareness of service
  • Managing metric, data integration and others
  • Correlating and analyzing data across the enterprise
  • Responsible in supporting, refining and delivering on the asset and strategy of management configuration roadmap
  • Evaluating emerging technology of infrastructure and web based on the development of product and testing
  • Strong knowledge about the distributed computing infrastructure, middleware and the databases
  • Encompassing the system of architecture
  • Partnering with the SFDC team in order to get the best practice, especially in integration and developing the application

IT Architect

Houston, TX

05/2005 – 11/2009

  • Providing the guidance and creating the script to perform a wide range of the task, related with the maintenance of the infrastructure
  • Providing feedback to management on ideas or issues encountered while working with the teams of project
  • Working with the designer and developer to ensure that the detail blueprint is fully understood
  • Advising the business and management IT in the issue of IT enterprise architecture
  • Participating in the IT standards, the performance of IT and process of capacity management
  • Assisting the post-implementation continuous improvement effort
  • Assisting in designing the network architecture
  • Providing the input about how to improve the component of infrastructure
  • Ensuring compliance with the framework and standards


Brigham Young University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


  • Strong orientation and professional approach
  • Strong ability to analyze, consolidate and communicate the complex topics
  • Excellent communication in verbal and written
  • Able to manage the matrixed environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent the logical thinking skill
  • Open with the other thought and new things, especially in development of technology


IT Architect Resume Sample

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