IT Infrastructure Architect Resume Sample

IT infrastructure architect resume sample will help you when you want to make a resume as the requirement to join with the new company. Yes, the resume will be the first and most important document to make, so you could be the candidate to be recruited by the company.

Through the resume, you are able to show who you are. Then, with the resume, you are also able to show your skills as it is needed by the employer. Through this document, you are also able to deliver the experiences and achievements of you, so you could be the potential candidate to be applied.

Well, here we have a sample of the resume that you could learn helping you in making it. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read the detail writings below.

Sample of IT Infrastructure Architect Resume

Cherian Julia

71838 Avocado Street, Dallas, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 287 6389


Senior IT Infrastructure Architect

Detroit, MI

07/2015 – present

  • Developing, documenting and making the recommendation of the planning of communication in order to invest the IT infrastructure, including the cost reduction opportunities analysis
  • Contributing to the continuously improvement to improve the process of architecture
  • Assisting the engineering team with the installing, configuring and maintaining the networking, server and the equipment of storage
  • Conducting the researches on the technologies of emerging in order to support the infrastructure application in order to increasing the effort
  • Documenting and developing knowledge of the company about the IT infrastructure and architect, business and the portfolio of technology
  • Diagnosing the troubleshoot and resolve the issues of global system and network
  • Designing, developing and other implementation of the integrated system

IT Infrastructure Architect

Phoenix, AZ

05/2011 – 07/2015

  • Assisting the strategies’ development, the roadmaps and the references of architectures
  • Assisting the working of analysis of application performance
  • Performing proactive system performance analysis and the detail of tuning
  • Developing the planning of project, administers and the process of release management
  • Ensuring that tasks are completed in the right time with the safe budget
  • Making the infrastructure looks simple and better than before
  • Serving as a project manager of IT for the small to medium sized of project

Infrastructure Architect

San Francisco, CA

09/2007 – 01/2011

  • Providing the advanced application and system support and the training for the new employees
  • Running the complex project ensuring they are completed in the right time with the minimal budget
  • Leading the planning, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure of IT solution and platform, which will define functional and expectations of operational
  • Identifying, implementing and monitoring the best practice about the technology or the architecture
  • Playing a leading role in the development and vision of the future of company technology
  • Contributing to the definition of the strategy of product and BI target enterprise architecture by doing collaboration with the other leading of technical, the manager of project and the manager of business relationship
  • Participating the reviews of architecture, maintaining the documents of the infrastructure and standard of technologies


State of Syracuse University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


  • Able to work in the many tasks with the different technology environment
  • Good organization skills
  • Good communication in verbal and written
  • Able to create of program functional utility program
  • Able to create functional utility program

IT Infrastructure Architect Resume Sample

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