IT Specialist Resume Sample

IT Specialist Resume Sample will have important role in the company because this job position will help the company and also organization to manage the hardware, networking, and also the software. Since this job position is important, the employer usually will need an experienced and educated candidate. To apply for this job, it is important for you to have relevant skills such as managing the printer drivers, control the printer driver installation security, and manage the printers. The most important thing in this one is configuring TCP/ IP network printer by assigning a static IP address for the company. Furthermore, the resume also should showcase that you are from college degree and professional experience. If you have those criteria and you are experienced enough, you are the best candidate to fit the job position. Your resume will be impressive if you can follow the sample below.

John Henderson

894 Benny Street, Dallas, TX Phone: +1 (555) 784 8934


Experience                                         Senior IT Specialist, Houston

01/ 2017 – present

  • Maintains the servers and improvement suites used throughout the software improvement lifecycle
  • Knows and applies many IT methodologies including project management, improvement, service management, and system architecture
  • Serves technical assistance to the planning and coordination of the test environment for releasing and production support
  • Serves synchronization and planning of non-functional and performance testing
  • Improves efficient work relationship in departmental and functional lines with business users and other
  • Administer and advances the environment for automated testing of software products
  • Improves automated acceptance and unit test for the swift team
  • Advances the overall network capabilities of the company by implementing new connectivity hardware and also software network configuration that can increase the clients networking access up to 50%

Associate IT Specialist, Houston

03/ 2012 – 01/ 2016

  • Did regular preservation and support of workstation, server, and virtual machines and also includes preserve the health and performance of database
  • Served user aid with network connectivity, manage local building network, manage DNS and DHCP for departmental network
  • Consulted with users on fitting and use of software application that also border with network connection and maximize the system for the best performance
  • Ministered internal or third-party developers that are building customization for the Appirio IT use
  • Did patch organization of all system with no compromising the legalize state of system and minimizing any issues resulting from the patches
  • Administer the facility-specific wireless network and telephone system
  • Collaborate with users to advance report and control panel
  • Accumulated an inventory hardware list of all sites, totaling all the required information for audit and traceability purpose

Education                                            New York State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


  • Microsoft Certified solution experts in messaging
  • ITIL foundation Certificate
  • Improve problem determination skills to recognize and resolve the problem running in a big complex environment
  • Exchange server upgrade, migration and mailbox administration
  • Security and fulfillment investigation and audit handling
  • Comfortable with working in a fluctuating work environment
  • Able to lead the technical triangle
  • Able to manage vendor relationship against the bank


IT Specialist Resume Sample

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