1+ Itemized Receipt Template Sample

How to Make a Simple Itemized Receipt Template

A businessman has to be able to make a receipt. Whatever your business, receipt is always needed. Usually, it is used in sales, hospital service, stores, etc. That is why this article will share the guidelines in making an itemized receipt template. So, you can learn from it.

Sample Itemized Receipt Form Templates


How to Write an Itemized Receipt Template

Different receipts may have different formats. It depends on the business or company. However, they have the similar details related to the items included on the receipt. So, you may need to pay attention to the following itemized invoice template we will share below.

Sample Itemized Receipt Word Templates

The first item you have to include on a receipt is the name of the merchant. It depends on your business. It can be store, hospital, school, company, office, insurance, etc. Make sure that it is the legal or formal name. Sometimes, you also need to add the logo to make it more professional.

Secondly, the item that you have to include on the receipt is contact information. It aims to ease your clients to contact your merchant. At least, there are 2 details of contact information. The first is address and the second is phone. However, it is also good idea to add website, email, etc.

Next, you have to include the description of the items purchased. It depends on your business whether you sell products or services. Anyway, you have to list them down entirely. You should describe each of them clearly even though it is not detailed.

In this itemized receipt form, what to be included next is the price. In this section, you have to insert the price of each product or services purchased. It must be stated per item to make everything clear. You may also divide it into some classifications to make it easier to understand.

Then, what you have to include on the receipt template is any other fee. For example is shipping charge. Besides that, sometimes there is also tax for certain items. So, you also have to include it. After that, you can calculate them all to get the total amount of money the clients have to pay.

If the items need to be delivered to the clients, the shipping address must be stated clearly. So, the items purchased will be received by the right person. If it does not require delivery, you can continue with the next item. It must be the purchase date.

Last, what you should include on this receipt is the payment method. You have to state the acceptable methods of payment. For example, your company accepts some different payment methods including cash, via credit / debit card, using PayPal, etc. More options will ease the clients.

After you understand about this receipt sample, now you can practice making an itemized receipt template based on your own business. Anyway, you have to include all the required information like the sample above. Hopefully this can be a useful reference for any businessman in writing a receipt.


Sample Missing Itemized Receipt Word Templates

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