Java Programmer resume sample

Java Programmer job description has responsibility to create computer programs and capable to do test to get to know about the programs. They need to know and understand about programming codes, programming language and have capability to operate it. They are capable to do research, design program codes and maps, develop and implement the plan, and capable to manage the software programs.

Ellis Taylor

1556 Brixteen Lane, Clarksville, TN, 37709, Phone: +1 (423) 901-5588



                                                Clarksville, TN

                                                02/2017 – present

  • Capable to perform skillful web program operation that is seen fully in Java programmer resume sample
  • Manage the web program system and compose the team that handle the sections
  • Arrange the schedule and time working for teams to operate the assigned tasks
  • Have deep understanding about program codes, QA, products managements, clients management and operations
  • Capable to handle technical problem and offer great solutions
  • Have great skills to handle various of tasks
  • Capable to evaluate the performance of the team and give support for them
  • Create various program codes from the simple one to the complex one
  • Have excellent ability to develop we developing program application such as Java, JSP, HTML5
  • Understand about Open Source and know how to operate it
  • Have great understanding about program development, testing, debugging, and others



Jacksonville, FL

07/2009 – 12/2016

  • Capable to lead the web program recovering and create design and codes that is suitable for it
  • Can develop the program like SOAP and XML, and create the right scheme for the program
  • Capable to give solutions and be a good decision maker
  • Being charged to handle the Java program developments and being responsible to maintain it at the best part
  • Can design the interface and modify it
  • Capable to modify the existing software and create improvement to give best performance
  • Understand about the subjects framework and work with right methodologies
  • Has been joined in various projects and take part as the leader
  • Help projects to success and perform a great teamwork
  • Capable to create specific program section codes that is suitable with clients
  • Give full support for clients by presenting best performance skill and ability



Chattanooga, TN

05/2005 – 05/2009

  • Give full effort in developing programs that offers web services
  • Capable to design and develop the SOAP based on the web services and regulations
  • Can develop the scheme and the design of the XML
  • Give contribution in developing the programs for clients
  • Can understand about material and capable to give solutions for troubles that may happen
  • Can maintain the progress of the Java programs by using right components and interfaces
  • Can modify the software and capable to fix the errors
  • Can upgrade the software, modify it, and maintain the improving developments
  • Can do collaborate with developer and scrum team for best performance
  • Understand about codes and can review it
  • Can use programs tools that helps the programs



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Software Development



  • Have great knowledge about basic information about computer programmer
  • Understand a lot about Java including JavaScript
  • Understand about HTML and SQl and how to make it
  • Have long experience in developing program like Java, MDB, and EJB
  • Work with Database and capable to create PL, SQL, CSS, and Apache Tomcat
  • Capable to create, develop, and optimize the coding and program
  • Understand about JSP, Servlets, Web Framework, SOA, SOAP, XML, JSON, and many more
  • Capable to work and operate the coding program
  • Proficient in certain languages; French, Russian, Spanish
  • Work in organized and detailed way
  • Have strong ability in developing software, creating program and codes
  • Capable to work individually and team up with others
  • Capable to build relations and gather information quickly
  • Work with optimism and dedication


Java Programmer resume sample


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