Job Abandonment Termination and The Sample

As we live on throughout the day, we need to feed ourselves enough so that we can live another day. Getting a job or part-time is one way to assure your daily basis. As you get what jobs you prefer the most, it is substantial that you take responsibility and adhere to the rules and policy that your job demands you to obey. Whether it is being present every day, or simply inform them with an advance notification that you are absent for several days. If you go missing without any heads-up, you will get a pat on the back and a job abandonment termination might knock on your front door.

29.Job Abandonment Termination

What is a Job Abandonment Termination?

A job abandonment termination is a form of policy that may be released by the company whenever an employee is absent from their duty and does not uphold their employment contract. Unless an employee has any reasonable excuses concerning their absence, the company may legally terminate them from their contract.  It is best to avoid this kind of predicament to lessen the possibility of you losing your job.

Does Termination Affect Future Employment?

There is a zero chance that being sent a job abandonment termination and being terminated over your job will impact your future employment. All you need to do is to have your own positive vibe and attitude towards your future and be ready for the new challenges. Unless you hold a grudge or telling gruesome things to a recruiter about your former employer, you might want to just be calm and collected.

Can I Get Fired for One No Call No Show?

There is a term called” No Call No Show”, which means you are not present without any notification, even your supervisor and manager have no clue either. In some cases, getting one of those might not result in your termination as some of the employers might have a soft spot if you are still being reasonable. However, there is always a consequence for one screwup if you did not do it right.

How do I Write a Job Abandonment Termination Letter?

As this is for business inquiry, you will need to write it in a formal way that leaves no ambiguity to your employee to read. Here is a sample of the job abandonment termination letter.

Dear Mr. Aldi

This very letter is to inform you that as of 23 august 2020 you will be terminated from your position as a product manager of BMX company. Mr. Alex, your head manager, have tried countless time to contact you but succeed in making no contact with you. Due to that reason, we decided to terminate you from our company as you have gone missing for 7 consecutive days without alarming us.

As of now, please try to contact our supply chain manager at 0193837 to return any tools or utilities that you have taken from the company if there is any. Any unreturned belongings from any the company will be considered stolen, and you will have to meet the court order to be held responsible

As for any benefits such as unemployment benefits or insurance coverage, we have come to the conclusion that you do not deserve any of those benefits. Should you think that you deserve one, you may appeal against this verdict to our human resource department for further progression.

If there is ever anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact our human resource department.

Thank you for your time

Best regards,


Philip, Supervisor


That is all the information regarding the job abandonment termination. Following through every step of the letter may help you write a good one.

The letter is truly useful for every company that desires to end their relationship with the employee to avoid any downsize or drawback caused by their employee’s downfall.

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