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If you want to apply for a job, you need to send a letter called job application. Here, you have to make your job application template interesting. If you have never made it before, we will give you guidelines in this article below.


How to Write a Job Application Template

There are some rules in writing a job application letter. Usually, it is started with the heading. It includes the contacts of both you and your potential employer such as the name, address, number of phone, and also email address. Then, follow it with the date when the letter is made.

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After the heading, you should provide salutation. It is about your polite greeting. Before you start the first paragraph, you have to greet the employer politely. Commonly, it says “Dear Mr. / Mrs.” and then followed by the last name of the employer.

Now, begin the body of the job application. Starts from the first paragraph, you have to mention the job you want to apply for. You may also need to explain where you know the information about the job vacancy whether it is from newspaper, job fair, from friend, etc.

The second paragraph is very vital. In this paragraph, you have to be able to convince the employer that you have skills that meet the requirements. You can also share your experiences on your previous jobs or describe your strengths related to the related job.

Continued to the third paragraph, it is where you should say thank you to the potential employer. Do not forget to offer follow-up information. So, you need to provide your contact clearly. The company may contact you via phone, email, letter, etc.

At the end of the job application form, you have to provide complimentary closing. It is very important to close the letter with polite words. For example, you can say “Sincerely” or “Best” and then followed by your name.

Last, you should end up the job application with signature. The signature must be handwritten and followed by typed your name. If the job application is sent via email, you just need to provide your name and then followed by contact information.


Tips to Make a Job Application Template

In making a job application, there are some useful tips to make it more interesting. First, you have to use the format of business letter. The format is like what we have discussed above. Besides that, it is important to sell yourself. It means you must describe your skills that make the employer impressed.

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Before you send or print it out, do not forget to reread the letter. If there are some mistakes, you have to revise it. In addition, you have to keep it brief. A job application with too long page will make it look boring. So, we recommend you to make it no more than 4 paragraphs.

There are so many examples of free job application template available on internet. You can learn from that to create an interesting job application. With a job application, hopefully you will get your desired job.



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