Journeyman Carpenter Resume Sample

Journey Carpenter Resume Sample job description are willing to work in outdoor and indoor area. The responsibility of this works is doing construction in various residential areas, able to do repairing projects, and building hard frameworks including roads, high building and many works that required high materials.

Journey Carpenter Resume Sample

Eugene Witchwood

2881 Lily Fifth Avenue, Fallon, NV, 89146, Phone: +1 (775) 2006440




Fallon, NV

11/2017 – present

  • Do the commercial construction including home and business construction
  • Working in the residential works, roads, and bridges
  • Arrange the meeting and deal projects with potential clients
  • Run the duties perfectly starting from creating plan, do finishing, and work the repair construction building
  • Handle furniture, wood products, and other commercial materials in perfect condition
  • Know how to read blueprint and the design of the plan perfectly
  • Can arrange and manage the design or construction for buildings, roofs, and sheds
  • Understand about tools, materials, and know how to work based on standards and right methods
  • Always manage and maintain the safety of the works and follow the security regulations
  • Set up meeting and other additional instruments of the projects from
  • Can perform general renovations



Riverton, UT

04/2012 – 10/2017

  • Can do repairing of the projects including building, roads, and bridge with right tools and regulations steps
  • Can do plaster, cement the stone and help the brick repairing
  • Manage to do repairing for the doors, walls, ceilings and floors
  • Can repair the doors with various materials such as woods, metals, steel, and others
  • Know how to arrange and set the frames of the door and windows
  • Can assembly the wall and manage the roof
  • Understand about blueprint and know how to run the design work
  • Prepare the safety tickets such as confined space, first aid, and CTST
  • Can do fitting and installing the instrument of the house, office, or building such as window frame, door frames, interior exterior materials, and hardware



Warren, MI

03/2007 – 03/2012

  • Know how to use trim, plumb, laser and more
  • Can build cabinets and know how to do repairing
  • Understand about the framework props and know how to use it
  • Manage wood screws, dowel pins, glue, and glass
  • Can analyze the broken part of the building and suggest the right solutions
  • Can help to build wood fixtures and other materials
  • Can manage to inspect and take care of the ceilings, floor tiles, and wall covering
  • Knows how to install the siding, glass, wood tools, and others
  • Can work with team and build perfect teamwork




Bachelor’s Degree in Carpentry



  • Have strong and wide knowledge on the carpentry field
  • Can assembly the tasks with safety and security procedures
  • Follow the instruction and know how to take action in the group
  • Can manage the trouble and give great solutions for projects
  • Can build great teamwork with team and have excellent ability to adapt in new environment
  • Understand about materials, tools, and instrument in the carpentry
  • Have strong physic
  • Have educational background in the field
  • Understand about methods, practices, and regulations in the field
  • Can build good communication, verbal and writing skills


Journeyman Carpenter Resume Sample


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