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Lab report is a part of a laboratory course & usually significant for your grade. If your instructor asks you to make it, you have to be able to complete this task. Therefore, in this article we will guide you create a lab report template rightly.

How to Write a Lab Report Template

There are some rules that you have to follow in writing a lab report form. First, you need to create a title page. Actually, it is not a must, depending on your instructor. Here, you should provide the experiment title, your & your partners’ names, the instructor’s name and the date.

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Different from title page, title must be provided. It must be brief. Usually, the title consists for no more than 10 words. The title should describe the paint point of the investigation or experiment. Here, it is better to begin the title with a keyword than using articles such as A or The.

After that, you should start the report with an introduction. It explains the purpose or objective of the lab. You should state the hypothesis in one sentence. Sometimes, it contains background inform, summarize how the experiment is performed, mention the findings of experiment, & conclude it.

Then, you need to list everything that you need to complete the experiment in the lab. In fact, performing a lab requires so many materials. Listing the materials is very important in making a lab report.

Next, you also need to explain the methods. Here, you should describe step by step how you complete the investigation. You have to use a simple language so that everyone who reads it can understand it well.

A lab report also requires you to provide the data. If you use numerical data, it is better to present it in form of a table. Data is very important to encompass what you records in conducting an experiment. This must be facts, no interpretations.

Now, you should describe the results in clear words. Sometimes, it is combined with discussion. So, you can make a subtitle Result and Discussion. However, some prefer separate them so that the Discussion is presented after the Results.

Analysis or discussion section contains calculation you made based on the numbers contained in the data. This section requires you to interpret the data & to determine if a hypothesis is accepted or not. Here, you also need to discuss any mistake while conducting the experiment.

Last, you should provide conclusion. Usually, it comes in one paragraph. It sums up what happens in the experiment, whether the hypothesis is accepted / rejected, & what it means. Conclude them as clear as possible but keep the paragraph simple and easy to understand.

At the end of the lab report template, you may need to provide figures & graphs with a descriptive title. Then, do not forget to include references. In fact, a research always needs references. So, you must list them. Now, you can practice to make your own lab report.


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