Lead Message Therapist resume sample

Lead Message Therapist job description has roles and responsibilities to recruit new therapist, do and list interviewing, and hiring the new members. The person needs to assist the process of the recruitment and capable to do follow-up data and documentation. The person also needs to understand how to deliver the information through social media, message schools, via letters or other resources.

Gabby Middleton

1678 Howen Lake, Cheyenne, WY, 82003, Phone: +1 (307) 887-5590



                                                Cheyenne, WY

                                                09/2016 – present

  • Build up brands, runs the business, and capable to do the list jobs based on Lead message therapist resume sample
  • Check the performance of the staff based on the regulations and rules
  • Always ensure the staff works based on standard and provide professionalism in working area
  • Can assist the training process, give and manage certifications and safety system
  • Create the training management, arrange the schedules and counseling motivation for the new staff and current staff
  • Coaching the staff therapist to work well and give best performance
  • Ensure the stock of the products supplies and equipment in the massaging place
  • Develop the massaging place by creating well promotion



Austin, TX

07/2011 – 08/2016

  • Create promotion plan for spa and massaging treatment
  • Develop the selling marketing plan for massaging service
  • Ensure the place to stay clean in all aspects including sterilize the tools
  • Compose the shift schedule for the staff
  • Ensure the supplies to be secured and work well
  • Always monitor the performance of the therapists and check out the time schedules
  • Can handle different type of customers and give best service for each of them
  • Contact the head supervisor and inform them about the condition and the progress of the massaging place
  • Ensure the date of the license and always make sure that the work is running under the right policies
  • Maintain the proprietary information of for the massaging service place
  • Manage the personal appearance of the staff and make sure about the uniform regulations



Wichita, KS

04/2007 – 06/2011

  • Capable to provide the service at the best rate
  • Can use the tools and products for massaging perfectly
  • Capable to give body treatment at full expert
  • Understand about the steps of massaging such as doing scrubs, wraps, and hydrotheraphy
  • Can assist the clients and capable to catch the contradiction that the guest may have
  • Can choose the best treatment for guest based on the condition
  • Can guess about the allergies, high blood pressure , or other condition that may require different treatment
  • Maintain the sanity and cleanliness in the room
  • Give safe service and treatments for clients
  • Understand about the list of the rooms and can assist the guest to the right place
  • Participate in arranging workstation and treatment room
  • Always check the guest satisfactory level by maintaining the guest convenience and safety




                                                Diploma of Massage Therapy



  • Have excellent communication skills and able to identify the needs of the clients
  • Understand about the technical improvements
  • Can works as team or individual
  • Have background study in the massaging college with excellent result
  • Have great capability to adapt in a new environment
  • Can build great communication skills to clients
  • Provide best performance service for customers
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Participate in follow-up educations in the same field that helps the improvement of the skills
  • Complete the CEU
  • Can understand about the products that is used in the massaging program
  • Works with enthusiast and optimism
  • Work with positivity
  • Can work with team that is created from the company and capable to work as individual
  • Works based on standard policies and always follow the regulations


Lead Message Therapist resume sample

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