Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

Not all employees are close to a boss. It has resulted in many individuals being invisible for their outstanding performance. It is a pity if employees like this are overlooked. Mostly, employees get attention when they submit their resignation. In this condition, a letter of appreciation to the boss about employees will significantly help ensure that the employee’s outstanding performance can be noticed and recognized.

Artikel 102 Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

How Do You Write A Letter of Appreciation to Someone’s Boss?

The format is a letter of appreciation to the supervisor regarding an employee should include elements such as name, title, department, and specific duties performed by the employee with an outstanding performance. Letters of appreciation to the boss about employees can be written by many parties, namely colleagues, employees from different departments, supervisors, and managers.

Several tips can be done, to make this letter followed up by the boss or the recipient, including:

  1. Be sincere. An essential element considering what we have listed is an employee’s outstanding performance that superiors must recognize and recognize. Use formal grammar, be careful and don’t offend sensitive things.
  2. Be specific. Include in the letter of appreciation to the boss about the employee, some of the employee’s duties/performance was completed extraordinarily. Include why these things need attention and appreciation.
  3. Be brief. Keep the letter short and to the point. The important part is to reveal that there are extraordinary employees who need to be recognized.

How Do You Praise An Employee To A Boss?

Recognition of an employee’s good performance can be spoken directly or in writing by letter or performance review. It will inevitably start by using the right spoken word. Here are some words that can be used for this condition, namely:

  1. It is simply amazing if you look at the performance of the project from conception to completion
  2. Thank you for the unique perspective on a discussion
  3. Your efforts can sustain and strengthen an unnoticed culture
  4. Kinerka was fantastic
  5. You have a very healthy view on all projects.

How Do You Show Appreciation to Coworkers?

Many ways can be done to appreciate outstanding performance to your colleagues. It is not necessary to spend or spend money. You can do this by giving written thanks in writing or person, and giving your coworkers compliments in public. Then give written recommendations to colleagues and use letters of appreciation to boss about employees so that the boss knows and pays attention to external performance—your usual coworker.

How Do You Show Appreciation in Word?

When you choose to use handwriting to appreciate your coworkers’ extraordinary performance, of course, you need an appropriate phrase to write in the letter. Here are some forms of expression of appreciation that you can use, including:

  1. I appreciate your performance and effort
  2. I thank you for what you did
  3. I value and respect your opinion to solve a problem
  4. I appreciate all the help that has been given to me
  5. The words you gave me were very motivating and heartwarming

Many workers do not feel that their superior management has noticed and acknowledged their performance. However, as a good colleague who can witness this extraordinary performance, you can use letters of appreciation to the boss about employees to help.

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