10+ Sample Letter of Transmittal

Letter of Transmittal and Things to Know Inside It

Do you ever hear what is letter of transmittal? Well, something that you need to know, this kind of letter is the document that usually comes with another larger or significant document. This document in common is attached in order to explain what it’s for.

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The document is typically made in order to give the recipient about the particular context in which the more significant document is to be used or placed. Then, it would laos serve as a document for the sender that something was send and received.

Function of Letter of Transmittal

To know about the detail of letter of transmittal, there are some functions of this document that you need to know. Yes, knowing some functions of it will be useful to get advance knowledge about it. Then, what are the functions of this document? This kind of document in general is for:

  • Explaining or clarifying your instructions or requirements regarding the document or items it is attached to.
  • Accompanying contracts or drafts of the documents which are being sent over. It is also useful in order to review for approval. The document, in other hand, is also useful in order to accompany the contract that have already been signed
  • The document is useful in order to accompany the more important documents and it would provide an explanation for what the document tells about. This document is also useful to explain why the more magnificent document should be read by the reader.
  • The nice letter of transmittal is also useful in order to give opportunity to remind the reader about the title of the document as well as to emphasize the most important points of interest.
  • The document tells about the confidential or the sensitive information, which may be related to the large document.

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Components of Letter of Transmittal

To make a good this document, there are some components that you need to know. Yes, knowing the components is important, so you will be able to make a good document as your need. Well, what are the kinds of the component inside this document? See some points below.

  • Heading – the first component is heading. It is usually telling about your address. Make sure that you place your whole address as the header of your letter.
  • Date – the date should be written in the top of the letter. This component shows that you prepare the letter well.
  • Recipient’s address – the next component to write inside this letter is address of recipient. You should write a clear address of your recipient
  • Salutation – the salutation is the short greeting or the introduction which is addressed to the recipient of the letter
  • Body of letter – the next component is the body of letter. You may write the reasons and purposes of writing the letter here
  • Conclusion – the conclusion tells about the final words of the document
  • Notations – it tells about the additional that you need to write there

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Well, that is all about the letter of transmittal that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the right template to make it.



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