4+ Sample Lodger Agreement Template

Step by Step How to Write a Lodger Agreement

Lodger agreement is a document which comprises of all agreements where a lodger must accept to gain access to the property of another person for rent. It is also well known as a rental agreement. In this case, the landlord has to be able to make this kind of agreement.

What to Include in a Lodger Agreement

In a lodger agreement template, you have to make sure that it includes the following components. First, it must include the involved parties. They are landlord and lodger. You have to provide the basic info about them such as names, rental property, and contact info.

Besides, you also must provide the description of accommodation. It relates to different areas of property the lodger will have to share with the landlord. Related to the shared areas, it will be something along the lines of study room, hallways, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, or others.

Then, you also must state the dates. There are 2 types of date here. The first is the date when the agreement is made whereas the second one is the date when the due date of the payment comes. In relation to the dates, make sure that you put the day, month and year.

In the next section, it is about what the lodger will need to ensure that they know the amount of money to pay for the rent. For a landlord, you have to make sure that they will pay it as early as possible every week, month or year.

Of course, there will be tax & utilities. You cannot skip them so that they are stated clearly. For example, you will need to add the council tax in this agreement. Besides that, you also must include utility bills in it. Make sure that there is something missing.

If you are a landlord, it is better to request for a security deposit. Deposit is paid before the start date. If all parties agree with security deposit, you have to state it as clear as possible including the amount of money for security deposit and when it is paid.

The next section describes about content. In this section, you have to state that the lodger agrees that the inventory signed is complete & accurate. The lodger must be given minimally a week to confirm the inventory accuracy. Anyway, deposit is made just for a security purpose after the deal.

Next, this agreement requires you to include the duty to take care of the property. In this case, you have to state that the lodger has a responsibility to take care of the property during the loan. If there is any damage happen to the property, the lodger must repair it.


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Lodger agreement also includes the section of behavior in the property. It discusses how the lodger will live in the property. Last, you have to describe about pet whether the lodger is allowed to bring pets or not. Describe the pets that are not allowed if any.

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