LPN Resume Sample

LPN resume sample can be the reference when a candidate wants to get a new job in the LPN position. Yes, a resume is the first document that should be written and sent. It will be the requirement and the consideration by the employer during the phase of recruitment. Well, by using a resume, a candidate will be able to show their personal identity. This matter is important in order to make the employer knows who they are. In other hand, a resume also could be used to show their skills, achievements and experiences. Those three matters could be the weapons to show that they are potential, so the recruiters will place them in the first place to add. Here, we will show you a sample a good resume. Through this matter, I am sure that you can make a resume is simpler way.

Sample of LPN Resume

Margaret Bonnie

9182 Bernhard Fall, Phoenix, AZ. Phone: +1 (555) 889 8127


Case Manager LPN

Phoenix, AZ

06/2015 – present

  • Maintaining the knowledge based on the providers of the network and the specialists of current contracted
  • Ensuring the timely communication with managing the care or the insurance case manager in order to coordinate the certification and the program of the concurrent stay
  • Assisting with the completion of the MDS in order to manage care of patients
  • Working with the team members in order to discharge of the planning of goals and the objective that are developed and discussed at the meeting of inter-discipline team
  • Attending the meeting with the inter-discipline teams when it is requested by the supervisors
  • Managing the errors reports based on the weekly basis
  • Reviewing the cases of inpatient with the manager of UM based on the daily basis and communication discharge

LPN Ambulatory

New York, NY

12/2008 – 02/2015

  • Working with the practice of the quality and improving the process initiatives.
  • Assisting the teams, especially in education, auditing quality, data analysis and the process of workflow
  • Participating in the education, research and the activities of improving the performance
  • Providing the health education to the patients and the families
  • Working collaboratively with the team from inter-disciplinary in order to develop the goals and the interventions of the planning in order to maximize the outcomes of the patients
  • Performing the procedures and treatments of nursing as it is directed by the physician and LIP in treatment and management of the care of patient
  • Coaching the patients and family on the support of self-management, including the setting of the long and the short term goals
  • Providing the education and information to the patients and the members of family
  • Maintaining the professional growth and developing with the field of nursing


The State University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor’s Degree in Practical Nursing



  • Excellent attention to the detail
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to identify and report the kinds of problem
  • Using the initiative and good judgment in order to reach the decision
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the applicable principles of nursing
  • Practices in order to insure the quality of the care standards for the residents
  • Ability to provide the quality care for the patient
  • Assisting in providing the procedures of exam


LPN Resume Sample

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