Massage Therapist Resume Sample

Massage Therapist job description provides therapeutic massages for clients with safe methods. The person able to gives joints massages, soft tissues, and knead muscles to clients’ body. This job needs to provide medical treatments that are running under healthy and safety procedures and regulations. The person can give medical conditions, take care of injuries and give strength to clients’ body. Massage therapist resume sample shows the skills and long experience on the field to approve the high capability of the therapist. The candidate needs to have long experiences and deep understanding about therapy and message treatment in both medical and physical way. It needs medical educational background and excellent skills on the working field.

Lilly Locksword

2558 Anchester Road 12, Indianapolis, IN, 46211, Phone: +1 (574) 812-2880



                                                Indianapolis, IN

                                                05/2017 – present

  • Always follow the procedures and regulations in safety way
  • Can maintain the high service for clients and improve in various shapes and breakthrough ideas
  • Can do massage and adjust the performance
  • Ensure work under licensed works
  • Follow the procedures and can recommend the home care for clients
  • Have outgoing and friendly personality that helps the communication with clients
  • Able to handle and manage the complex situation or hard issues
  • Able to offer solutions for problems
  • Works with right and safe methodology
  • Attend meetings, training programs, and product training
  • Can do all round service for clients like administers message, hydrotherapy ad body therapy massage



Manhattan, KS

05/2014 – 04/2017

  • Give refreshing service for clients and provide extra ones on special occasion
  • Can suggest the products for clients and gain new members
  • Can expand the products market and know how to settle the advertisement for it
  • Can achieve the sales goals and clients service performance targets
  • Can provide comprehensive service for clients
  • Capable to handle multiple tasks and do multi-tasks in face-paced environment
  • Able to provide safety and secure licensing on the company
  • Understand about spa products and know how to apply it to clients
  • Can uphold the sanitary and sterilization on the place based on healthy policies and procedures
  • Do regular attendance in the training and programs that related to health, beauty, and therapy



Topeka, KS

10/2009 – 04/2014

  • Can prepare the tools and utilize it with hygiene performance
  • Arrange the schedules for clients and know how to manage it
  • Can perform the massage service excellently and based on safety
  • Assist the operation of the tasks projects in the team
  • Can develop the performance and the service for clients
  • Can do evaluation, establish performance, and reach the functional goals on the site
  • Manage the operations, tools, and products stocks
  • Can greet clients and give consultations for those who need it
  • Know how to give medical explanation for clients
  • Can work with different technicians and build trusted and great teamwork with other department



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Massage Therapy



  • Have wonderful communication skills
  • Proficient in certain languages like Mandarin and Spanish
  • Know to communicate and serve excellent verbal and written skills
  • Can build good and warm relationship with patients and clients
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Understand about the subjects and have educational background on the medical therapist
  • Have wide perceptional and critical mind
  • Can show empathy and care to clients
  • Can provide warm and friendly environment in the working place
  • Works with focus and dedication
  • Have great organization skills
  • Ensure the hygiene condition in the area including the tools and equipment
  • Can work as individual or build team with other members
  • Have awesome adaptation skills in new environment


Massage Therapist Resume Sample

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