What is a maternity leave letter to parents?

Maternity leave is when an employee needs to leave the job temporarily because of pregnancy. To write the maternity leave letter to parents means that the employee is usually a teacher or a child taker or any other occupation dealing with kids. As a result, the employee needs to inform the parents through a brief and formal letter of maternity leave.

87 What is maternity leave letter to parents

Why should you send a maternity leave letter to parents?

As a teacher or kids caretaker, you have to be able to build a nice relationship with parents and one of them is to always keep updated about the kid’s progress and situation as well as the teacher’s condition. When you are going to leave for maternity matter, not only the employer but parents are also the important parties to inform using a formal letter to show respect and professionalism.

The format of maternity leave letter to parents

if you have no idea how to write a maternity leave letter to parents within formal letter formatting, you may check the paragraph below and follow the guidelines written.

  1. After writing down the letterhead and formal salutation, begin the letter with the first paragraph statement about the purpose of the letter, and don’t forget to introduce yourself.
  2. Inform the parents about your maternity leave in detail, such as the reason for leaving and the date of leaving. Write down in the letter when you will start the maternity leaving until you are ready to come back again to teach or to take care of the kids.
  3. As the teacher or caretaker who is going to leave the children for a certain time, you need to show that you are still concerned about the children’s progress and situation. To do so, include the goal you have planned to do with the kids while you are away.
  4. If you have someone else to substitute your position while you are leaving for maternity matter, then information about the candidate clearly in the letter. Ensure to choose the best candidate that is not only qualified but trusted by the parents. For instance, someone who thought the kids so that the kids are familiar with the candidate and the parents would feel safer and better to let their kids with the substitute teacher or caretaker.
  5. Include the contact information of the institution so that parents who still have questions dealing with the temporary change of the teacher or caretaker could reach up faster and easier.

Tips to write a proper and formal maternity leave letter to parents

  1. Use formal lettering format

Ensure to use formal letting format and language too while writing the maternity leave letter to parents. Look at some templates or samples for references.

  1. Review the letter before submitting

To not creating any misjudgment or wrong information, you have to check the letter one more time after finish writing. It helps you to prevent any errors and mistakes.

  1. Prepare and send the letter around two weeks before leaving

Do not provide sudden change to the parents. It needs at least two weeks before leaving for the parents to receive the information about the teacher’s or caretaker’s maternity leave.


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