What is maternity leave to parents?

For teachers, there will be a time that they have to write a maternity leave letter to parents informing them that they need to have a break from their job due to pregnancy. After talking to the employer or supervisor about the temporary leave, it is necessary to write a pretty similar letter to the parents. It helps to maintain a good relationship with the parents and to ensure that the children are still in a safe care environment even while the teachers leave.

134 What is maternity leave to parents

What to consider before sending out a maternity leave letter to parents?

While creating a maternity leave letter, you might want to consider some crucial things listed below.

  1. Think about when to leave the job due to your pregnancy. Some people choose to leave for a month and a half before the d day of giving birth while some others still decide to go to work till only several days to give birth. Adjust the beginning of the maternity leave with your condition and decide when to leave the job to inform both the employer and the parents.
  2. As teachers, you also have to consider who will replace your position while you leave. Here, you need to find the best candidate to fulfill your place. It could be a teacher who is familiar with the kids you are teaching or who you think would suit the position best. Then, don’t forget to state this information in the letter.
  3. If you are still unsure about some decisions, you may ask for advice from friends or relatives whoever been taking maternity leave. Learning from their experience would be a helpful thing to do.

What to write in maternity leave to parents?

The important things to include in a maternity leave letter to parents.

  1. Follow the proper formal lettering template to write an appropriate maternity leave letter. Take a look at some references from the internet to help you find the best template to begin writing the letter.
  2. Don’t forget to attach the sender’s identity and the recipient’s identity at the beginning of the letter. It consists of name, job title, agency/institution, and address.
  3. Open the letter with a proper greeting and salutation. Then, begin the first paragraph by stating your main intention in writing the letter. Be brief in explaining about your leave. Inform the parents about the exact date of leave and when you will come back to teach the children.
  4. In the following paragraph, explain about the substitute teacher and how it works out during your leave.
  5. Encourage the parents to maintain nice communication during your leave. Thus, you need to attach the contact information to the parents, whether it is the phone number of the substitute teacher or other important contact for communication.

The sample format of maternity leave letter to parents 

  • Teacher’s identity
  • Date
  • Parents’ identity
  • Opening salutation,
  • The first paragraph informs about your maternity leave and the date.
  • Second paragraph states who will substitute your position.
  • The third paragraph is to show your gratitude for the parents’ consideration and ask them to maintain good communication with the teachers or institution.
  • Closing salutation,
  • Your name and signature
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