MED SURG RN Resume Sample

Med Surg RN job description is one type of nursing specialty that practices the primarily in the hospital units and do healthcare for patients with various medical issues and recoveries. This includes by giving medical treatment, prescribes, and check-up for patients under formal medical licensed.

MED SURG RN Resume Sample

Marvin Irwinn

4221 Spring Avenue, Edmond, OK, 73008, Phone: +1 (405) 878-9320



                                                Edmond, OK

                                                04/2016 – present

  • Can do the implements principles and create excellent Med Surg RN resume sample
  • Can identify the patient precautions including patients’ suicidal and non-suicidal precautions
  • Can do preventive, initiate, maintain and documents the patients’ progress
  • Implements the principles of infection control including doing routine practices
  • Can do document patient care including the admission nursing assessment, MPC, MAR, and more
  • Capable to establish and provide compassionate emotion, physic, and spiritual support for patients, relations, and team
  • Capable to lead the team and run the professional practices in setting and professions
  • Contribute to professional developments for peers, colleagues, residents, physicians, and others
  • Can provide medical programs for physicians in continuity
  • Capable to give great health-care for patients in all rounded
  • Be responsible to take the documentation patients care and do managements



Cincinnati ,OH

05/2012 – 03/2016

  • Capable to do various assessments and do collect comprehensive data for patients
  • Can do implementations with excellent performance
  • Can maintain the respiratory functions of the patients and understand about operating tools
  • Can operate, set up and maintain the suction equipment
  • Have great understanding about respiratory assist devices and ventilator managements
  • Being responsible to maintain the cardiovascular functions of the patients including understand about the code management
  • Capable to compile the code carts and blood products
  • Can do equipment maintenance
  • Support and maintain the important requirements including the nutritional side
  • Can do administer medications and provide limited mobility care for patients
  • Understand and can do maintain of the elimination function of the GI and GU systems
  • Maintain the good communication among patients, visitors, staff, staff safety, and others in the medical environments



Philadelphia, PA

07/2007 – 04/2012

  • Can work in team and build teamwork
  • Capable to do the medical tasks under licenses
  • Have excellent capability to measure patients including measuring patients’ vital signs
  • Capable to check the blood pressure with manual tools and machine
  • Can understand and operate the neurological checks including checking the orientation to time, place, person, and give respond
  • Can create and make the medical planning including writing the initial plan of care – nursing
  • Capable to diagnose and make documentations of the patient’s progress
  • Can establish the goal with patients, family, and others
  • Write the nurse interventions in continuity
  • Capable to create implementation including maintain the respiratory functions
  • have excellent ability to do administration of the oxygen-set up initiate and the administer
  • Can demonstrate and work with patients



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing



  • Have great interpersonal personality
  • Optimistic and always work target and goals
  • Works with details and perfection
  • Capable to do multi-tasks and do various tasks in the tight time
  • Possible to work under pressure
  • Capable to do medicines, give the prescribes, and works under licensed
  • Can build up communication with various health care providers
  • Can build up team and lead the projects
  • Adapt to new environment quickly and can work effectively
  • Have great major experiences in medical and surgical unit
  • Have great knowledge and know about a lot of resources
  • Always do reviewing in all aspects including policies, procedures, medications, and clinical information
  • Can demonstrate the medical tools and have great deep understanding about it
  • Can review the nursing quality data based on NDNQI and capable to identify the best practices for patients and medications


MED SURG RN Resume Sample

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