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A media kit, or often referred to as a news kit, is a collection of documents containing information about a business, product, or event. Media kits serve as packages of information that are distributed to journalists to help them write articles or news about an event or product launch.

Media Kit free download psd

A good media kit can attract journalists’ attention so that they are eager to write articles, hold interviews, or write news about topics that the event organizer or product maker wants to popularize. The media kit should contain all the information journalists need.

Media Kit free psd template

In the past, media kits were presented in the form of cardboard folders. Nowadays, with advances in information technology and the digital revolution, journalists can download media kits in the form of digital files such as PDF and DOCX via websites or email attachments. Make sure when sending media kits to journalists, attach personalized emails so that you can make personal connections with each journalist.

Depending on the event or product you want to highlight as news, media kits can contain various things. Even so, there is some general information that a media kit needs, such as:

  • Contact details of people to interview, such as PR or people in relevant positions
  • Information about companies, products, or people in the form of biographies or fact sheets
  • Media releases contain details about the event and quotes from people who can be interviewed
  • Images that are in line with the event that you want to make into the news, try to have high resolution images or if you cannot attach high resolution images (due to limited space and such), invite journalists to contact relevant people to request high resolution images.

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Apart from this information, there are several other information that can be included but which are not vital for a media kit, for example:

  • Product samples to be launched so journalists can try and review the product (Note that there are some media outlets that have specific rules regarding prize acceptance. If you are not sure that your sample will be well received by the media, first check the regulations for giving product samples to the media concerned.)
  • Your business annual report for easy reference by journalists
  • Testimonials from clients or customers that can show company or personal credibility
  • Another interesting fact that might catch the attention of journalists
  • Latest news coverage by credible news outlet as evidence of social credibility

Media Kit in photoshop free download

Here are some ready-made media kit templates that can give you a head start in making your own media kit:

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  • Free Blog Media Kit Templates
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  • Free Startup Media Kit Templates
  • Free Marketing Media Kit Templates
  • Free Author Media Kit Templates
  • Free Social Media Kit Templates
  • Free Professional Media Kit Templates
  • Free Sponsorship Media Kit Templates
  • Free Magazine Media Kit Templates
  • Free Social Media Influencer Media Kit Templates
  • And many more!

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