What is a Medical Leave Letter from a Doctor


As a doctor, you may sometimes be asked to provide a formal letter as evidence of a medical diagnosis or treatment for one of your patients. This allows your patients to be able to take time off work or school leave to recover from illness or receive treatment. Many companies and schools require a medical leave letter from a doctor to provide an employee or student with proof of taking medical leave, so you need to know how to write professional doctor notes promptly. There are many guides to writing professional doctor medical leave letters that can be used for your patients.

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Tips to Write a Medical Leave Letter from a Doctor

Tips you need to do to write a medical leave letter from a doctor which includes such as proper formatting, date, recipient address, greeting, body, gratitude, free closure, signatures, and any supporting documentation

Format and Contents of Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

For the usual medical leave letter using a doctor format, namely in a professional business style which includes providing the patient’s name, medical condition, recommended treatment plan, and a formal and concise signature. The patient may ask you to be able to handle it with certain people. Also, you can address it To Who It May Concern and give it directly to the patient. You must also remember to write in a professional and grammatically correct manner and put your name and also practice contact information at the top of the page.

Sample of Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

For medical leave letters from a sample of doctors, which are written for patients suffering from fever and flu, so they must provide a doctor’s note to the leader to get three days of work left. Contains the name, address, and doctor’s practice, the name of the patient, the doctor’s condition and recommendation, and the doctor’s signature. This letter is addressed directly to the patient’s leadership as medical leave must take effect immediately and must be made on the doctor’s or practice’s official letterhead with contact information for a professional and official appearance.

Example of a Medical Leave Letter from a Doctor 

Dear Ms. Harris,

I would like to formally ask you to forgive my patient, Mr. Leo William from work effective immediately, until February 10, 2020. I have diagnosed Mr. Leo with cases of fever and flu including fatigue due to high fever. So that Mr. Leo is recovering from his illness and avoiding spreading the flu to others at work, I recommend 3 days not to come to work and advise him to spend time resting and drinking lots of water.

I have a follow-up visit with Mr. Leo scheduled for 9 February 2020 where I hope to give him good health and allow him to return to work. I am sure it will get better soon if he follows my professional recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns about these recommendations, I am allowing you to contact me at my office by telephone at (444) -444-4455 or by fax at (444) -444-4455. Thank you so that this is a concern.



Carlos Bryan

XYZ Family Physician Practice


Description: This medical leave letter from a doctor is very helpful for employees or students who are sick, so they can be used to give them time to rest so they can recover their health.





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